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The TruFlow™ line of spreaders are a simple gravity flow design. The larger models utilize an agitator to keep the material flowing and a large diameter roller to expel the topdressing material you are spreading. TruFlow topdressers are designed to work with drier flow-able materials with moisture contents up to 20 percent.

The TruFlow™ spreaders are used on sports turf fields (including the New York Mets Citi Field), tennis courts, golf greens & tee boxes, and agricultural applications such as spreading drying agents in broiler houses to dry litter.

These TruFlow topdressers are well-balanced, meaning they can be pulled with a variety of units including golf carts, utility vehicles, ATV’s, garden tractors, compact diesel tractors, and small trucks.

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earth and turf truflow 24d topdresser

TruFlow™ 24D

The TruFlow™ 24D push-type topdresser was designed for operators who need spread topdressing material in tight areas. The 24D is a simple design with a four-wheel stance. The forward wheels provide the power to turn the dispensing roller.

The 24D features a 3 cubic foot capacity, 8-inch-diameter dispersal drum, 24-inch-wide spreading pattern, and an adjustable front gate opening.

Push-Type Topdresser
earth and turf truflow 36d topdresser

TruFlow 36D

The TruFlow 36D is our mid-size pull type topdresser designed for homeowners with larger yards and small municipal golf courses and Par 3 golf courses.

This unit is engineered to apply dry, flow-able materials with moisture content up to thirty-percent which makes the TruFlow 36D an ideal machine to spread sand, topdressing mixes, and more.

TruFlow 36D topdresser
earth and turf truflow 36d topdressers

TruFlow 54D

The TruFlow 54D is our largest tow-behind drop topdresser. It is the big brother to the 36D. The 54D can hold approximately 15 cu. ft. of topdressing material such as sand. The wheels provide the power to the roller which dispenses topdressing material at a width of 54 inches.

The 54D can serve in a variety of roles including homeowner, small golf course, market gardener, and farmer.

Tow-Behind TruFlow 54d