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The Truflow™ line of spreaders are a simple gravity flow design, with an agitator to keep the material flowing and a large diameter roller to expell the topdressing material. Truflow™ topdressers are designed to work with drier flowable materials with moisture contents up to 20 percent.

Sports turf professionals that want to spread bagged materials, such as calcined clay, can do it easily and evenly with the Truflow™ design. The Truflow™ has been used in agricultural applications for spreading materials on rows and for spreading drying materials in broiler houses to dry chicken litter.

Truflow™ topdressers are well-balanced, therefore can be pulled with a variety of towing units, incuding golf carts, utility vehicles, ATVs, garden tractors, compact diesel tractors, and small trucks.

TruFlow Model 24D

TruFlow Model 36D

TruFlow Model 54D

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