Compost Spreaders and Topdressers:

Helping You Care for Your Lawn or Build Your Business

Since 1997, Earth & Turf has been helping people improve their lawns. We build some of the best compost spreaders and topdressers on the market today. Our top dressers are top notch. 

We’re here to serve you whether you’re a landscaping contractor, a golf course maintenance director, market gardener, or a proud homeowner. Our machines will help you improve your soil which will result in greener, healthier grass that will last.

Improving Your Soil With Our Machines

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These models feature an onboard gasoline engine designed to power and drive the machine. Due to their design they are suited for spreading wet or dry material. The self-propelled topdressers are ideal for landscapers and homeowners.

self-propelled topdressers
tow-behind drop spreader


The TruFlow™ line of topdressers make use of a simple gravity flow design. In the larger sizes an agitator is used to keep the material flowing. TruFlow™ topdressers are designed to be used with dry, flowable materials with moisture levels below twenty-five percent.

TruFlow™ topdressers
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Designed for larger areas, the tow-behind topdressers are the ideal topdressor for athletic fields, landscape contractors, small golf courses, and special applications like market gardeners.  Tow-type topdressers are available in either ground drive or hydraulic drive to fit your application.

tow-behind topdressers
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Our specialty units include vineyard topdressers and modifications to our regular line of MultiSpread™ topdressers. Our Model 320 Vineyard Special is for use in vineyards since it fits right between the vineyard rows.

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Compost Spreader and Topdresser Applications


Sports & Athletic Fields

Sport and athletic fields need maintenance and using one of the multiple Earth & Turf products can make the job much easier. From our tow-behind topdressers and aerators to our self-propelled topdressing spreaders we can help you.

athletic field topdressers

Landscape Contractors

Trying to make a client’s lawn level, improve soil, or create better turf? Check out our topdressers and compost spreaders. We’ve built our machines to help you build your business and get the job done right. We’ll help you provide the best service to your clients.

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Market Gardeners

Are you looking for a product to help you topdress your garden beds? Easily add amendments on beds up to thirty inches wide with a topdressser from Earth & Turf. No more pulling a wheel-barrow or carrying buckets of compost!

topdressers for market gardeners
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Would you like your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood? Improving your soil by topdressing is the guaranteed way to making sure your turf is green and healthy. Adding a compost spreader may be what you need to take your lawn care to the next level.

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