With topdressing season just around the corner it is time to think about the fact that any turf manager can help improve our soils by topdressing with compost or compost blends. This market is growing and as people become more aware of the fact that growing grass on synthetic fertilizers which are short term and need to be added again and again to keep the grass growing well they can begin a program to pull their lawns and sports turf of this chemical dependency and go back to a natural way to improve the soil.
We want to have safe lawns and play areas for our children and pets and want to make sure we quit polluting our waterways with chemicals that we may end up drinking because the treatment plants may not be able to clean them all out.
I refer back to an blog I wrote several years ago based on an article from Austin Texas where they found about 70% of the chemicals used in weed and feed type products in their water reservoir.
Hopefully we will start to think long term and stop the craziness.
Have a great spring and remember to turn your clocks back this weekend.