Wow !!!!!
California has just declared a drought, the Carolinas are still not even close to recovery from last years drought and Georgia isn’t far behind. I guess we will never quite figure it out. You can not have population swells in areas that are prone to dry weather and have very little natural water supplies. If we add on top of this the lack of good organic matter topdressed and incorporated into the soil it makes the whole issue look like a downward spiral. When will we wake up to the fact that having healthy soils is a key to our lives. Why do we make and sell a topdresser line? Obviously to make a profit but we also see it as a way to improve soils save water and keep our planet alive and well. One would only have to look at our other articles on topdressing to see we are more than just a manufacturer looking to make money. Earth & Turf cares about the future of the water supply and being able to sustain our planet.