The 24D push-type topdresser was designed for operators who needed to get into tight areas and spread their dry topdressing material. The 24D is a simple design with a four wheel stance. Simply fill the unit and tip it back on the rear 2 wheels to move it without the dispersal drum spreading. When you get to the area you wish to topdress, set the unit down on all 4 wheels and push it. The dispersal drum will now turn and disperse the topdressing material onto the surface in an even pattern approximately 22″ wide. Baseball coaches love the 24D topdresser for spreading infield mix on their base lines and for spot repairs on the turf areas. Installers of synthetic turf use the 24D for spreading sand and crumbed rubber on putting greens and for doing finish work on larger sports fields.

The TruFlow™ Model 24D is designed to spread materials with up to 20 percent moisture content. A great product for small jobs.

Features of the TruFlo 24D:

Large Dispersal Drum

Spreads dry, flowable material on surfaces in an even pattern about 22 inches wide.

Four Wheel Stance

Insures stability and lets you stop material flow by easily tilting the unit back on its two rear wheels.

Adjustable Gate

Lets you achieve the desired speed of material flow by simply adjusting two wing nuts.


Capacity: 3 cu. ft./0.08 m3 Max. Load Wt.: 375 lbs/170 kg
Box Width: 25.1 in./63.8 cm Box Length: 20.1 in./51 cm
Total Height: Handle: 39.3/99.7cm Total Height: Box 27.6 in. /70.2cm
Total Width: 36.8 in./90.8 cm Total Length: 35.8 in./90.8 cm
Spread Width: 24 in./61 cm Spread Thick: Up to 0.5 in./1.3 cm
Spread Syst.: Drum & Drop Wt. W/Tires: 130 lbs/59 kg
Drive: Single Wheel Ground Drive Wheels: 8-Bolt
Tire Size: Drive 4.80/4.00-8 Transport 4.00-6 Movement: Walk Behind/Push
Req. Power: N/A

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