I read an article that came out of a New Zealand paper “Otago Daily Times” on the renonvations they did years ago to a club and racetrack. I love the way they write here it is;
“The re-turfing and topdressing of the lawn has been rewarded by the appearance of a generous growth of grass, pleasing to the eye and pleasant to walk upon, while the general aspect of the new course is such that the club will be able to throw the gates open to the public on Friday with a good deal of pardonable pride”.
So cool. As far as topdressing goes it is still not too late to topdress in November. Now the soil tends to be a little drier and using some good quality compost in conjunction with mechanical aeration will result in improved soil and beautiful green grass next spring. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Blessings to you and your family.
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