Topdressing is going strong right now and it is a great time to topdress even though people see in many parts of the country nice lawns because of all the rain we have had. This is why it is a perfect time to topdress because the ground is soft enough to do the core aeration and get good penetration to move the topdressing into the soil profile. We are seeing a growing number of landscape professional turning to organics. In a recent article put in the Green Industry Pros magazine they reported 56% of consumers say they are willing to pay more to use green products. This is good news for our soils as the more compost used on lawns the healthier the soil gets which supports good grass growth with out the need for all the chemicals. This make our lawns safer for our children, grandchildren and our pets.

Call a topdressing professional today or contact our office and we may be able to direct you to one.
Have a great fall and Happy Holidays