The Topdressing season is in full swing and it seems like every year more and more contractors are getting requests from home owners to topdress their lawns. The move toward a more organic approach to lawn care continues to grow. People are beginning to “get it”. First we must concentrate on the soil before we can grow healthy grass. The majority of the people I talk to are landscape contractors who are looking into ways to spread compost on lawns. From what I have seen, one contractor begins the process in a geographic area and they become successful after much educating of their customer base. This helps them because now they have one more service to offer their customers and a new way to increase revenues and profit. After a while other contractors will see that it is working and the service expands. As Peter Drucker said “The first with the most”. In other words the first one in that captures the market and their name sticks is usually the winner. It is kind of like “Band-Aid” the first one in with the most sales.
Topdressing with compost and compost blends works.