Well the topdressing season is going strong and people are aerating and topdressing as well as reseeding to improve their lawns. We need to say a prayer for Texas with all the drought and fires this is really hurting the lawns and sports turf since there is little water to irrigate with.
We know that aerating topdressing and over seeding are the best things one can do to improve the turf naturally. People often call in and ask how much compost should I put down on my lawn and of course the answer changes with different soil types and how much topsoil one has. The problem with many yards today on newer construction sites is the lack of adequate topsoil. Basically home owners find they must topdress just to get a stand of grass. Many times the ground is hydro-seeded and the lawn may or may not grow well. Topdressing on these type soils may take anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ of topdressing since the owner is basically trying to create a good layer of topsoil. The alternative is to bring in a larger quantity of compost put down 2″ and till it in to the soil and start over with the seeding process. Most of these homes can get a good lawn started by putting down a minimum of 1/4″ of compost in conjunction with aerating and reseeding. The process will probably have to be repeated for a 2-3 years before the lawn will really respond well.
If you need more help call us any time. Have a good Fall.