We are seeing very positive signs for topdressing all across the USA and now seeing some light in Europe. More and more people are grasping the concept of using compost and a more organic approach to Lawn Care. With all the craziness happening in our world today with the virus and politicians holding on to their turf so hard and getting nothing done. Topdressing is happening. Because people have been home more it seems like they are taking a better look at their homes and lawns and what they can do to make them better. Over the years I have seen a trend toward using compost at first it was a slow upward graph but in the last couple of years it seems like the light has been turned on and more and more people are realizing the benefits of improving their soil first to improve their lawns rather than just throwing chemicals on the lawn to make it grow. Using compost does so many good things for the soil like improving the permeability for water to enter in and better water holding ability not to mention they can cut down on chemicals that can poison our water due to run off. There are even articles

that say compost has positive affect on climate change.
Earth & Turf and some of our competitors have been preaching about the positive results we can get from using compost and how it is a positive factor for soil health and keeping our water clean by not depending on chemicals.
Are we finally getting wise? Let’s not scorch the earth any more and think about how we manage our lawns which by the way is the largest irrigated crop in America. Spread the word. Spread more compost on turf.