I just read an article on topdressing.biz that I thought would be helpful to contractors who are trying to cost justify topdressing with compost. According to the information a public works manager in Mass. has been topdressing and aerating 40 acres of athletic fields for the past 3 years using Agresoil Compost topdressing. The process is done each fall and he spreads approximately 25 cubic yards per acre in conjunction with his aeration program. He was asked for three benefits of doing this process. His answer was, money, durability and labor. The manager said in 2001 he spent $ 75,000.00 for fertilizers and chemicals, he used 3 million gallons of water and he over seeded 3-4 times per season. Three years later in 2004 fertilizer and chemical expenses dropped to $ 28,000.00 water usage went down to .6 million gallons and he reduced over seeding by two thirds. You can learn more about the benefits of topressing by going to topdressing.biz. There is even a forum to share what you have learned with others.