On October 22nd we display our line of topdressers at the GIE-Expo held in Louisville KY. the units we have at the show are the 24D, 45HP, 60SP, 100Sp and the 220 Multispread. The models 45HP, 60SP, 100 SP and the 220 Multispread were in our outside demo area where we were able to demonstrate how the units work. The 45HP is the first push type Compost Spreader on the market and uses a sifting screen as a device to move the compost through the machine as it is moving. The spread width is 30 ” and the unit can fit through a 36″ gate with ease. This product was nominated for the dealers choice award for new products.
The 60SP is also a new product. This is a self propelled unit that holds 6.7 cubic feet of material and has a spread width of 42-48″. The 60SP uses a 6.5 HP commercial engine and is driven by a CVT transmission. the ground speed is 3-4 mile per hour which is a nice walking speed.
The 100SP Is a 10,5 cubic ft capacity self-propelled spreader that will spread a wide variety of materials. The 100SP is operated by a 10.5HP industrial engine. The spread width of the 100SP is 30″ because it is a brush style machine and very precise in it’s spread pattern.
The Show will run through this Friday October 24th.