Last february we shared with you information about a public works manager in Mass. who has been topdressing his sports fields with compost and it has paid off for him big time. Using his topdresser he applies 25 cubic yards of compost per acre in conjunction with an aeration program. They have been doing this for three years and the results have been outstanding. Their fertilizer costs have been cut to almost one third, water usage has dropped from 3 million gallons per year to .6 million gallons per year and they have reduced over seeding by two thirds. After going through a year with almost drought conditions in many states on the east coast adding a program of topdressing with compost looks more feasible than ever. Done properly using compost in conjunction with aeration can save your soil and save you money. The fall topdressing season is approaching fast so get a topdresser and some compost and go to work on your sports turf areas and lawns.