Are Rising Fuel Prices Causing The Popularity of Top Dressing with Compost to Increase?

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Believe it or not, the rising fuel prices in America and around the world are drastically affecting the popularity of topdressing with compost. It’s incredible to watch and something you wouldn’t naturally mark as related to each other but it’s true nonetheless. Rising fuel prices are indeed increasing the popularity of organic compost top dressing, here are the reasons why.

The popularity of top dressing turf areas with compost has grown dramatically over the past few years. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using natural top dressing products to improve their soil instead of heavily using chemical fertilizers. The big question is how is top dressing with compost becoming more popular?

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Chemical Fertilizers Are Made From Petroleum

Many chemical fertilizers are made from petroleum-based products. This means that the cost of chemical fertilizers is influenced by the global fuel market. When petroleum products costs go up so do chemical fertilizer costs because you need petroleum products to produce the fertilizers. 

Why wouldn’t you prefer to use natural, organic top dressing or compost materials to fertilize your garden, yard, golf course, school grounds, or sports field? It’s better for the environment, better for your soil, and better for whatever is planted in that soil. 

Organic Compost Is More Cost Effective Than Chemical Fertilizers

Right now with the growing costs of fuel around the world, yes organic compost is much more cost effective than chemical fertilizers. Landscape contractors are reporting an increase of 40-60% cost of chemical fertilizers. Guess how much organic compost costs are rising? Not anywhere near that dramatic spike we’re seeing in the petrochemical field.

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Drastic Rise In Chemical Fertilizer Prices Makes Top Dressing With Compost More Popular

The alarmingly dramatic increase in prices for chemical fertilizers is affecting more than landscaping professionals bottom line. It’s increasing the cost of their services because their product is so much more expensive. This means that the cost of fertilizing services with your classic chemical fertilizers is increasing for the market consumer. 

The rise in chemical fertilizer and increased cost tot he average homeowner is making top dressing with compost and other naturally occurring top dressing materials much more popular. It’s more affordable, it’s more ECO friendly to your property and the environment, there’s really no down side to this alternative method.

Does Organic Compost Reduce Pollution?

Yes, organic compost spreading reduces pollution. Not only does it reduce polution it also helps our country and the world deal with the ever-increasing issue of waste management. Being good stewards of the earth is very important and top dressing with organic compost is a step in that direction that many of us can take. Simultaneously this practice of organic top dressing is improving the soil in a completely ECO friendly way which allows all the plants to grow in the best conditions possible. 

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Top Dressing With Compost Saves The End User Money

Like we stated above, not only is it more cost effective for landscaping contractors to switch to organic top dressing with compost and other mixtures but it is saving the homeowner or customer money as well. As chemical fertilizing services increase in price, all of a sudden top dressing with compost is becoming more affordable and a better all around option.

The rising petroleum prices are changing the landscape (no pun intended) of top dressing spreading and fertilizing in the world. 

Organic Compost Top Dressing Is Better For Children And Pets

A lot has changed in the last 10 years when it comes to health and wellness. People are starting to care more about their health and making better decisions. One thing that is coming into the light more and more is that chemicals are often harmful to our bodies and the environment. There are of course exceptions to this but as a general rule people are realizing that chemicals of different types are bad for them. 

Especially parents with children or people with pets are realizing that fertilizing their lawn every spring and fall with chemicals is not the best option. After using chemical fertilizers one their lawn parents and pet parents alike need to wait several days before the kids and animals can again enjoy playing in the yard. People in these circumstances are turning to organic top dressing with compost because it is a more kid-safe and pet-friendly options than traditional fertilizers.

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What Types Of Spreaders Are Best For Top Dressing With Compost?

When it comes to top dressing in general there are a few different types of machines to consider. The great thing is that we have top dressing spreader available to us. 50 or 100 years ago a lot of the best top dressing with compost was done by spreading it manually and then raking it into the grass and thatch. Now we can utilize machines that are specifically designed to spread different types of top dressing in different ways. 

Push Type Spreaders For Top Dressing With Compost

Push type top dressers are one option for top dressing with compost. These machines are great if you don’t have too much ground to cover (no pun intended). These are great for spreading top dressing materials like peat moss or other compost mixtures that are on the dryer side. Often these machines don’t handle wet top dressing materials very well. 

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Tow Behind Spreaders For Top Dressing With Compost 

Tow behind spreaders are great if you have something to tow them with like an ATV, UTV, or tractor. These are great for top dressing larger areas like sports fields, big yards, commercial properties, you get the idea. You have to be careful and make sure that your compost mixtures are dry if you’re going to use tow behind spreaders because they are usually drop spreaders or belt fed drop spreaders. 

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Self Propelled Spreaders For Top Dressing With Compost

These are probably the most versatile types of top dressers for spreading compost mixtures and the like. They propel themselves which saves you time and energy and they spread in really impressive patterns. Some models can even move in forward and reverse and can make your job so much easier. These are often spreading in a broadcast style but can also be found in belt-fed drop spreading style.

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If you have specific questions about top dressing machines or niche practices like vineyard spreaders or market gardening feel free to reach out to us, we’re here to help.