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MultiSpread™ 320

Our largest pull behind top dresser spreader that we offer is the 320. We recommend the towing vehicle to have at least 20 hp to handle this big boy!. The MultiSpread 320 has a capacity of 27 cu. ft.and can be expanded to 54 cu. ft. or 2 cu. yd. The two-wheel ground traction drive comes standard and can be upgraded to a hydraulic drive. The 320 uses the widespread beater system to spread from 60-72 inches, depending on the material.

multispread™ 320 topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 220

The MultiSpread 220 is our smaller, pull behind top dresser spreader that will tow easily using a commercial mower, utility vehicle, or lawn tractor. It has a simple, two-wheel ground traction drive, and a spread width of 42-60 inches. This unit can be customized for agricultural raised beds.

multispread™ 220 topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 248PT

The MultiSpread 248PT is the bigger and better version of the 65PT pull-type topdresser from Earth & Turf Products. This brand new pull behind top dresser  spreader was just released in 2023 and has all the features of the 65PT offering wider stance tires and a entire 1 cubic yard of capacity.

Multispread 248PT Topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 65PT

The MultiSpread 65PT from Earth & Turf Products is a small, pull behind top dresser spreader made for spreading top dressing on lawns and is great if you are a market gardener. This top dress spreader is a ground drive spreader with an adjustable end-gate. Once the operator sets the gate for the depth of spread required it will spread at the same depth no matter the speed of travel.

Multispread 65PT Topdresser
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320V Side Dresser Row Mulcher

The Earth & Turf Model 320V mulch spreader features a compact size with “slimmed down” frame and axle assembly. Making it the perfect package for vineyards, orchards, and row crops with narrow rows. You will be able to spend less time loading and more time spreading with one of our 320 mulch spreaders.

Row Mulcher
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What Material Does It Spread?

Our line of pull behind top dresser spreaders can handle a variety of materials which include the following.

  • Sand
  • Topdressing mixes
  • Infield Mix
  • Grass Clippings
  • Compost
  • Wood Chips
  • Crumbed Rubber

You can spread in wet or dry weather, our quality machines will always get the product through the endgate. 

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Which Pull Behind Spreader Is Right For You?

We can help you find the exact pull behind top dresser spreader that you have been searching for. We realize that different applications require different spreaders. We always want our customers to be satisfied for years to come. 

  • Homeowner
  • Landscape Contractor
  • Golf Course Maintenance Director
  • Sports Field Maintenance Director
  • Farm/Agricultural Application
  • Market Gardener

We’ve got you covered no matter what project your looking to accomplish. Fill out a Quote Form and we’ll ask the right questions and match you with the pull behind top dresser spreader that you need.

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The Power Behind a MultiSpread

The 65PT can be towed by a lawn & garden tractor or BCS style tractor.

The 220, 248, and 320 are pull behind top dresser spreaders that require a lawn & garden tractor, utility vehicle, or more to tow them.