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MultiSPread 65PT

Top Dress Spreader

MultiSpread™ 65PT

Top Dress Spreader

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The MultiSpread 65PT is one of the newest top dress spreader designs to hit the market. The 65PT was designed and built with Market Gardeners in mind but homeowners also find this compost spreader to be especially useful. Save your back from having to push a wheel-barrow full of compost down the rows of your garden. Instead, fill the 65PT and tow it down the bed spreading an even amount of topdressing onto your rows.

This top dress spreader is a ground drive spreader with an adjustable end-gate. Once the operator sets the gate for the depth of spread required it will spread at the same depth no matter the speed of travel.

Our top dress spreaders are built to hold the full weight of sand. Sand is one of the heaviest materials you can use as top dressing but our spreaders are designed to handle it. Sand weighs about 100 lbs. per cubic foot; the axles, walls, and supports on our top dress spreaders are all specifically built to handle that kind of weight. Compare that to our competition that typically only rate their machines for 40% capacity with sand. You can fill Earth & Turf equipment to 100% capacity using sand just like any other top dressing material.

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65 pt full of material
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65 pt being pulled by a lawn tractor

What Our Customers Say About The 65PT

The Lawn Tools

I got to use the tow behind and the self propel and I love them both!!

The Lawn Tools

Mark Blanchard

Earth and Turf provide not only a tremendous product, but their customer service is first class…Jeb and team is are amazing! They are a pleasure to work with!

Mark Blanchard

Kevn Swope

I contacted John at Earth & Turf. He was very helpful in listening to my equipment needs and helping me select and purchase the appropriate piece of equipment for our farm’s needs. He worked with us to get it ordered and shipped quickly. The equipment arrived on time and we are very happy with the quality of the it and it’s performance on our operation. They are a great company to work with!

Kevn Swope

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A Compost Spreader Built For Market Gardeners

With the MultiSpread 65PT you save time and energy while increasing efficiency. You are no longer held back needing a wheelbarrow, shovel, or rake since this top dress spreader distributes a regulated depth of compost or top dressing mix.

You can pull this lawn spreader with a regular tractor and tractor hitch and it is also compatible with a BCS Tractor that has a BCS hitch. All you need is the curved adapter and you can easily use this compost spreader on your garden-bed system.

This lawn spreader is perfect for market gardeners using the 30-inch bed system. The spread width is 30-inches but the wheels are 36-inches apart. It can easily straddle the 30-inch beds with 6 inches of clearance. A full load spread at 3/8" will cover 100 linear feet.

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What it spreads:

The MultiSpread 65PT is designed to handle many different materials, including sand, calcined clay, compost, fine cut wood chips, infield clay for baseball fields, and topdressing blends.

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Powered by:

The MultiSpread 65PT is designed to be towed by either a lawn & garden tractor with a traditional hitch or a BCS Tractor with a BCS Hitch. To tow with a BCS Tractor you will need a BCS Curved Coupler.

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Who uses this machine?

This top dress spreader was designed specifically for Market Gardeners and is also commonly used by Homeowners. Market Gardeners use this top dressing spreader to spread compost and other top dressing mixes on their garden beds and Homeowners use the 65PT to spread different top dressings on their lawns.

65PT Top Dress Spreader

Standard Features

easy engage clutch on the 65PT topdresser

Easy Engage

The MultiSpread 65PT top dress spreader has an easy engage/disengage lever.

65 pt on a trailer

Stainless Construction

The box of the MultiSpread 65PT is built from Stainless Steel for a long life.

Heavy duty belt on the 65 PT topdresser in the USA

Heavy Duty Belt

A heavy-duty A-groove belt delivers all the material in an even fashion for spreading.

dial for adjusting the 65PT dressing flow

Wash-Out Ports

There are four wash-out ports on this top dress spreader (two in the front and two in the back) allowing you to keep the underside of the belt clean, which keeps it on track when used heavily.

65PT Top Dress Spreader

Optional Features

Light Material Sides

The Light Material Sides increase the heaped capacity to 15.2 cu. ft. from 8.9 cu. ft.

65 pt on a trailer

BCS Tractor Hitch

Get the BCS compost spreader for your BCS tractor. Visit the BCS America website for more details.

BTS tractor spreader top dresser in pa

65PT Top Dress Spreader Specifications

  • Capacity: 8.9 cu. ft. (0.25 m3)
  • Max Load: 1000 lbs (453.6 kg)
  • Box Width: 30.5 inches (77.5 cm)
  • Box Length: 32 inches (81.28 cm)
  • Total Height: 28 inches (71.1 cm)
  • Total Width: 44 inches (111.8 cm)
  • Total Length: 73 inches (185.4 cm)
  • Spread Width: Up to 30 inches (76.2 cm)
  • Spread Thickness: Up to 1 in. (2.54 cm)
  • Spread System: Drop
  • Weight w/ Tires: 290 lbs (131.5 kg)
  • Tire Size: 4.80/4.00-8 Turf Tread
  • Movement: Pull-Type
  • Drive: Ground Drive, Single Wheel
  • Required Power: 12 hp (9 kW)
  • Build: 12/16 Ga. Bolted Steel, 2-Part Epoxy
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65PT Pull Behind Topdresser Gallery

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MultiSpread™ 65PT

The MultiSpread 65PT, created by Earth & Turf Products, is a compact spreader that you can pull behind your lawn or garden tractor. It's designed for folks who take care of lawns and market gardeners. This handy tool comes with two different hitch options: one for regular lawn and garden tractors and another for a BSC style tractor.

Multispread 65PT Topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 248PT

The MultiSpread 248PT is like the older sibling of the 65PT pull-type topdresser made by Earth & Turf Products. This brand-new model, released in 2023, comes with everything you love about the 65PT, but it has bigger tires that are farther apart and can hold a huge 1 cubic yard of material.

Multispread 248PT Topdresser
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Struggling to Find the Perfect Spreader?

Finding the ideal topdresser or spreader can be challenging. That's why we've created this filtering tool to simplify the process for you! With this tool, you can start by filtering based on the type of material you intend to spread. This ensures that you get the right spreader for your specific needs without any guesswork!

Find Your Spreader!
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You Have Financing Options!

If you are interested in financing options for a high quality topdresser you can submit an application as the first step to owning your own topdressing machine. We know that it can be a pricy purchase and that's why financing options can help alleviate a large upfront bill!

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