MultiSpread™ 410 SP

Stand On Top Dresser

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No more walking, no more pushing, and no more pulling! Now, you can save time and energy on the job with a stand on top dresser from Earth & Turf Products. It is the most compact, 4-wheel drive, 4 wheel steer top dresser.

We introduce to you the MultiSpread 410 SP. Engineered, designed, and tested by Earth & Turf, the MultiSpread 410 SP stand on topdressing spreader is quick, efficient and yardgate approved at 35-¼” wide. Our unique 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer system allows the operator to get as close to edges and corners as possible while spreading clean edges.


There is so much to this machine that will help you in your work! Featuring a 32 inch wide brush dispeller, the 410 SP is the most maneuverable self-propelled top dresser from Earth & Turf. We built the 410 SP to the same standards we build all of our top dressing spreaders. This means it can carry a full capacity load of sand unlike most other top dressers that are usually only rated for 40% capacity of sand. 

This top dresser is also fast! It will spread efficiently up to 5 MPH, this is significantly faster than any walk behind or walking self-propelled top dresser. The box will hold 800 lbs, or 10 cu ft of compost, allowing for a large spreading area covered before refilling. 

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Stand On Topdressing Spreader Features

Learn everything you need to know about this brand-new stand-on top dresser. There is nothing like it on the topdressing market!

Enjoy the real-time spreading action of the 410 stand-on top dresser as it easily maneuvers around obstacles with unbelievable accuracy. Preview the spreading control as our operators toggle spreading on and off with the flip of a switch to prevent any wasted material with double-spreading as they reposition the machine. You cannot beat this top dresser with anything else on the market. Get your free quote today to learn more!

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What it spreads:

As the latest addition to the MultiSpread line, the MultiSpread 410 SP is built to spread sand and topdressing compost mixtures.

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Powered by:

The MultiSpread™ 410 SP is a self-propelled top dresser powered by an onboard 13 HP Honda GXV390 and a hydrostatic drive. The 410 will top out at a max speed of about 5 MPH while spreading, easily maneuvers around tight corners, and moves forward and reverse without double spreading.

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Who uses this machine?

Landscape contractors, golf courses, sport & athletic field directors, and synthetic turf installation and maintenance crews all use the MultiSpread™ 410 SP.

410 SP Stand On Top Dresser

Standard Features


Loading Chutes:

Loading chutes come standard on this stand on top dresser and make loading with a tractor or shovels much easier.

410 SP

Brush Expeller:

The MultiSpread 410 SP features the same brush expeller you can find on our other walk-behind model.

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Honda Engine:

The MultiSpread 410 SP comes standard with a 13 HP GXV390 Honda engine.

410SP topdresser with turf tires

Turf Tires:

The 410 SP’s turf tires ensure that even with a full load of sand, you won’t ruin the surfaces that you’re topdressing.


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Adjustable End Gate:

This handle makes it easy to adjust the end gate on your 410 SP stand on top dresser so that you’re always in control of how much material you’re spreading.

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Pressure Washer Clean Outs:

Cleaning your topdresser’s belt has never been easier with these easy-access clean out ports on both sides of your machine.


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Belt Tightening Adjustment:

We’ve done our best to make everything on our MultiSpread topdressers as easy to use as possible. The belt tighteners on either side of the 410 are no exception!



Easy-to-use Controls:

We’ve designed the controls for the 410 SP to be easy to use and quick to learn. Control speed and direction with one hand and steer with the other!

410SP topdresser that has a tight turn radius

Tight Turn Radius:

You will be able to top dress like you’ve never been able to before with the incredibly tight turn radius. The individually driven wheels make this machine extremely maneuverable; you won’t find anything like it on the market.


410 Topdresser self propelled over a curb

Hydrostatic Drive:

4 individual hydraulic motors that drive and steer each wheel individually. They are driven by a HydroGear pump for premium hydrostatic drive. This means the machine drives at exact speed according to the speed control levers.

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