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The MultiSpread line of top dressing spreaders are built to last and spread just about anything – wet or dry. The first MultiSpread topdresser was developed in ’99 with input from landscape contractors who wanted a top dressing spreader to apply wet or dry material.

To accomplish this, Earth & Turf invented the widespread beater system and made the first top dressing spreader on the market to offer a widespread distribution option. With the widespread beater, neither moisture content nor particle size (as long as it fits through the end-gate) is a problem.

The MultiSpread machines come in a variety of sizes. Our top dressing spreaders can go through narrow gates and still spread material wider than the unit, thanks to the widespread beater system. The smallest MultiSpread topdresser is a push-type, and the largest spreader is a towable topdresser that requires a towing vehicle with at least 20hp.

This lineup of topdressers can spread just about any material (hence the name – MultiSpread). Their versatility makes them the ideal machine for a variety of users. Landscape contractors may find the self-propelled 62SP and 100SP fit their needs. Market gardeners and agricultural applications might find the 65PT, 220, and 320 quite useful.

415 spreader being loaded
220 multispreader
415 sp multispread
62 SP
415 sp self propelled top dresser

MultiSpread™ 415SP

The brand new MultiSpread 415SP is Earth & Turf Product’s premiere stand-on top dresser. This machine is unmatched on the landscaping and topdressing market. Notable features of this machine are its 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer system that offers superior maneuverability, and its 48 inch brush dispeller. You can spread at an astonishing 7 miles per hour. You will spread more in less time with this machine and spread more precisely!

*415 Stand On Top Dresser Patent Pending

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100 SP with light sides

MultiSpread™ 100SP

The MultiSpread 100SP is the larger self-propelled top dressing spreader from Earth & Turf. Key features on this topdresser include a 10.5 hp engine, hydrostatic drive, 10 cu. ft. hopper, and brush expeller. Add on the optional light material sides to increase the capacity for light-weight loads.

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62 SP

MultiSpread™ 62SP

The MultiSpread 62SP is the entry level unit for our self-propelled topdressing lineup. It utilizes beater paddles in order to spread flowable topdressing materials. Load up the 6.7 cu. ft. hopper and enjoy the 42 in. spread width to help you tackle your projects.

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multispread 320 spreading

MultiSpread™ 320

The larger MultiSpread top dressing spreader model is the 320. This unit can be pulled by larger tow vehicles with at least 20 hp. The MultiSpread 320 has a capacity of 27 cu. ft. that can be expanded to 54 cu. ft. or 2 cu. yd. The two-wheel ground traction drive comes standard and can be upgraded to a hydraulic drive. The 320 uses the widespread beater system to spread from 60-72 inches, depending on the material.

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220 tow behind compost spreader

MultiSpread™ 220

The MultiSpread 220 is our smaller, pull-type top dressing spreader that will tow easily using a commercial mower, utility vehicle, or lawn tractor. It has a simple, two-wheel ground traction drive, and a spread width of 42-60 inches. This unit can be customized for agricultural raised beds.

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MultiSpread™ 248PT

The MultiSpread 248PT is the big brother to the 65PT pull-type topdresser from Earth & Turf Products. This brand new 2023 release model has all the features of the 65PT with wider stance tires and a whopping 1 cubic yard of capacity.

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65PT tow behind top dresser

MultiSpread™ 65PT

The MultiSpread 65PT from Earth & Turf Products is a small, pull-type top dressing spreader made for lawns and market gardeners. This top dress spreader is a ground drive spreader with an adjustable end-gate. Once the operator sets the gate for the depth of spread required it will spread at the same depth no matter the speed of travel.

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45HP self propelled spreader

MultiSpread™ 45HP

The MultiSpread 45HP is the economical, walk behind self propelled spreader from Earth & Turf. This is the ideal topdresser for spreading compost with up to 45% moisture content (screened to 3/8’s minus) on lawns and small turf areas. The 45HP is based on a three-wheel design, this allows a high level of maneuverability around tight corners and narrow spaces. The design makes this one of the best walk behind spreaders on the market.


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rear end of a mulch spreader

MultiSpread™ Vineyard Spreader

The Vineyard Spreader from Earth & Turf products is a custom unit from the MultiSpread line of topdressers. This machine looks much like the MS220 and MS320 models but it is specifically designed to fit down vineyard and garden rows for narrow but thorough topdressing.

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What does it spread?

The MultiSpread line of top dressing spreaders can spread an impressive variety of product. 

  • Sand
  • Compost
  • Calcined Clay
  • Wood Chips
  • Lime
  • Topdressing mixes
  • Infield Mix
  • Grass Clippings
  • Crumbed Rubber
  • De-icing Materials

Wet or dry, if it fits through the end-gate, these MultiSpread machines can spread it! 

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The Power Behind a MultiSpread

The 45HP is a human-powered machine only requiring the user to push it, the ground-traction wheels provide the spreading action.

The 65PT can be towed by a lawn & garden tractor or BCS style tractor.

The 62SP and 100SP are self-propelled units with onboard gasoline engines.

The 220 and 320 are tow-type top dressing spreaders that require a lawn & garden tractor, utility vehicle, or more to tow them.

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Which Spreader Is Right For You?

We’ll help you figure out which top dressing spreader is right for you. Different applications require different spreaders. We want to help you make the right decision based on your context.

  • Homeowner
  • Landscape Contractor
  • Golf Course Maintenance Director
  • Sports Field Maintenance Director
  • Farm/Agricultural Application
  • Market Gardener

Regardless of what kind of projects you’re getting in to, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). Fill out a Quote Form and we’ll ask the right questions and match you with the topdresser you need.