Top Dressers and Compost Spreaders For Sale In Connecticut

Earth & Turf Products has been designing and manufacturing some of the best top dressers and compost spreaders on the market for more than 20 years. We’ve designed our top dressing spreaders to help you save time and energy while getting the job done right. 

Whether you’re a University or school’s groundskeeper, a landscaping contractor, or a self-made market gardener our top dressers are what you need. You can get machines that will spread compost mixes of all types, dry-flowable material, sand, crumbed rubber, and even peat moss. 

Earth & Turf top dressers will help you improve the soil you’re spreading on without chemicals, maintain sports fields, care for your gardens, and even cultivate vineyards. Find the top dressing spreader design you need and contact us today for a free quote.  


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Self-Propelled Top Dressing Spreaders For Connecticut 

Earth & Turf Products has specially designed 2 different self-propelled top dressing spreaders. Landscape contractors use machines like this to tackle large landscaping projects that require a lot of spreading. Utilizing a self-propelled top dresser makes these jobs much more efficient. If you’re a landscaping professional serving the state of CT we can help you get the self-propelled top dressing spreader of your dreams, contact us for your free quote. 

MultiSpread 62SP Landscaping Topdresser

The 62SP is part of the MultiSpread line by Earth & Turf, this means it is set up to spread dry or wet top dressing materials. The 62SP boasts a 6.7 cu. ft. hopper capacity and 650 lbs weighted limit. It has turf tires that help to distribute a full load without damaging the ground and it comes equipped with a hydrostatic drive that allows for forward and reverse without any double spreading. 

MultiSpread 62SP
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MultiSpread 100SP Self-Propelled Topdresser

The MultiSpread 100SP is essentially the 62SP’s “big brother”. This is another extremely popular top dresser with our landscaping professional customers. This top dresser can easily spread wet or dry materials and can carry its full-capacity load in sand (competitor models can often only handle 40% load capacity of sand). You can take advantage of the 100SP’s forward and reverse drives without ever wasting any material as well.

MultiSpread 100SP
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Tow Behind Drop Spreaders And Top Dressing Spreaders For Connecticut 

Earth & Turf also makes towable topdressers for those in CT looking to pull slightly larger machines. We have a model specifically designed for market gardeners and 2 sizes of a more conventional pull-behind drop spreader if you need to topdress larger areas like sports fields or large yards. 

MultiSpread 65PT Top Dress Spreader

Calling all market gardeners! Earth & Turf specially designed this top dress spreader for you. The 65PT is a pull behind topdressing spreader designed to neatly fit down your garden’s rows without damaging your plants. Your days of pushing a wheel barrow and spreading compost by hand can be over with the help of the 65PT. Just hook it up, fill it up with compost for your garden, and tow it down your rows. It does all the spreading work for you. 30” spreading width and wheels set at 36” apart will glide over any 30” wide garden row with ease.

MultiSpread 65PT
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TruFlow 36D and 54D Pull-Behind Drop Spreaders

The TruFlow 36D and 54D pull-behind spreaders are made for easy drop spreading and can be pulled by garden tractors, ATVs, UTVs, and other vehicles. These spreaders are ground driven so you can load up their hoppers with dry sand, calcined clay, crumbed rubber, or dry bagged materials. These will help you top dress larger areas more easily and our machines are built to last.

TruFlow 54D
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MultiSpread 220 and 320 Tow-Behind Top Dressers

The MultiSpread 220 and 320 are Earth & Turf’s largest tow-behind top dressers. These machines both feature the “wide spread” beater design allowing for up 60” and 72” spreading widths respectively. These machines can spread a variety of top dressing materials from dry to wet. If you’re top dressing in Connecticut and need some help figuring out which one will suit your needs the best we can help, just contact us today.

MultiSpread 320
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More Earth & Turf Top Dressing Spreaders In Connecticut

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Vineyard Mulch Top Dresser For Vineyards In CT

California vineyard spreading is probably the most common state people think of when they think of wine vineyards in America but Connecticut also has many wineries. If you’re looking for a top dressing spreader in CT to take care of your vineyard’s many rows then you’re looking for the vineyard special top dresser from Earth & Turf Products. 

We specially designed this MultiSpread product line member to be able to spread lots of different materials, to be narrow enough to fit down each row of your vineyard without issue, and to spread wide enough to effectively top dress your vines. 

VIneyard Mulch Spreader
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TurfSaw Aerator For CT Top Dressers

 You can easily use your tractor or loader bucket to aerate your lawn or sports field with this field aerator from Earth & Turf Products. This aerator for Connecticut has been updated and released in this new design format. Easy bolt on and off installation makes it simple to use. 

Adjustable aeration spikes allow you to set exact penetration depth from 2.5 inches to 3.75 inches deep. In good conditions you can move up to 10 miles per hour with this aerator which means you could aerate a football field-sized area in about an hour!


TurfSaw Aerator