Top Dressers In California By Earth & Turf

Are you looking for Top Dressers for sale in California? You should consider a top dresser built by Earth & Turf Products. We’ve been in the business of building the very best top dressing machines and compost spreaders for more than 20 years.

The quality and performance that you will experience with an Earth & Turf top dresser will blow you away. We offer a complete lineup of drop spreaders if you’re caring for sports fields or gold courses. Earth & Turf also presents a lineup of broadcast spreaders designed with adjustable spreading widths. We’ve also developed a superior aerator and a special spreading unit for vineyards

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New Compost Spreading And Top Dressing Requirements May Be Imminent For California

According to an article in the LA Times, Californians are going to be forced to change how they dispose of food wastes beginning in January 2022. This new law was part of a bill that was passed in 2016. Residents of California will now be required to dispose of all food waste and food related waste separately from normal trash.

Along with these composting changes California is considering mandating the use of compost on play areas, sports fields, school properties and other areas. This would mean a rise in the demand for quality, reliable top dressers for California and compost spreaders. 

Self Propelled Top Dressers Available In California

MultiSpread 62SP Landscaping Top Dresser For CA

We designed and built the 62SP with a self propelled landscaping top dresser to serve landscaping professionals, groundskeepers, and others passionate about good top dressing and compost spreading practices in California. 

The 62SP is designed to easily spread dry compost, wet compost, sand, and other top dressing materials. This machine will ease your work with its self propelled drive and allow you to get more done at work. 

MultiSpread 62SP
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MultiSpread 100SP Self Propelled Top Dresser For CA

The MultiSpread 100SP from Earth & Turf is the big brother to the 62SP. It features forward and reverse drive that makes top dressing and compost spreading much easier for landscaping professionals. 

It is also designed with a very robust structure to handle a full capacity load of sand. Most of its competitors on the market can barely handle 40% capacity of sand. The 100SP has a 10 cubic foot hopper capacity to help you get more done in less time.

MultiSpread 100SP
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Pull Behind Top Dressers For California

MultiSpread 65PT Pull Behind Top Dresser For CA

The 65PT from Earth & Turf Products was specially designed for market gardeners to use in their gardens. Homeowners also find this model especially useful as it can be pulled by a garden tractor. The wheels are set wide enough to easily pull down your market garden rows and spread compost and top dressing materials. The 65PT can also carry its full hopper capacity of sand, making it an exceptional top dresser for market gardeners, homeowners, landscapers, and grounds keepers.

MultiSpread 65PT
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TruFlow Drop Spreaders For CA

If you need to spread dry, flowable top dressing materials like sand, calcined clay, crumbed rubber, and dry bagged materials with a moisture content up to 25% then you need a 36D or a 54D from Earth & Turf Products. 

These pull behind top dressers are useful in California for anyone who needs to care for baseball fields, golf course greens, synthetic turf fields, and other playing surfaces. The 36D is the smaller of the two top dressers and is great for maneuverability. The 54D is the larger tow behind drop spreader that makes bigger drop spreading jobs go faster.

TruFlow 54D
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MultiSpread Broadcast Top Dressers For CA

The 220 and 320 are a part of the MultiSpread line of top dressers from Earth & Turf Products. They are pull behind models and feature a widespread beater spreading design. This means you can tailor how wide you are spreading your top dressing materials. The 220 and 320 from the MultiSpread line can handle wet or dry materials without an issue. 

The MultiSpread 220 pull behind top dressing spreader available in California can spread up to 60 inches wide. The MultiSpread 320 top dresser that is also available in California can spread up to 72 inches wide. 

MultiSpread 320
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More For Top Dressers In California From Earth & Turf

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Vineyard Mulch Top Dresser For CA Vineyards

California is know for its coveted wine and choice vineyards. Caring for vineyards is a big deal. Vines are fragile and need lots of love and attention in order for them to thrive and produce. We’ve designed a specialty top dresser for vineyards. This vineyard mulch spreader will fit down your vineyard rows and help you spread top dressing or mulch very precisely.

VIneyard Mulch Spreader
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TurfSaw Aerator For CA Top Dressers

This field aerator from Earth & Turf Products is a special aerator that attaches to tractor and loader buckets quickly! This aerator for California features adjustable spikes so you can set penetration depth from 2.5 inches to 3.75 inches. You can move up to 10 mph with this aerator in favorable conditions which allows you to aerate a football field sized area in about 1 hour!

TurfSaw Aerator