We bought the 2 beaters with the machine I want to purchase the cross conveyor in the future. The videos I sent are in a field with the trees planted 7 ft x 7 ft patten. I am sending another where I am spreading compost in a field with a 6ft x 6 ft pattern. I spread compost with your machine so fast what would have taken me a week I do in a day. I spread 10 ten wheeler loads of compost in 2 days.

The problem we have on our farm is we are a choose and cut Christmas tree farm and we have to pull stumps, fertilize, plant all in a field filled with mature trees. Equipment has to be narrow and customized. We have 3,000 trees in 2 fields and 5,000 in pots in a nursery. Because the farm we bought 6 years ago has been farmed as a Christmas tree farm with the soil being completely worn out so we are using soil samples and branch tissue samples to add the nutrients needed. Because the land is never tilled compost is a big part in bringing the soil back. I had a local fabricator make a cover for the 2 Hydraulic motors that drive the spreader it gently sweeps the branches aside without damaging them. It is held on by  3 bolts if I need to remove it to get to motors or hoses it comes off very easy right in the field. I am going to send you pictures and dimensions so if you like you can easily add it as an additional add on for the hydraulic drive models. I love the hydraulic model I have complete range of belt speed completely independent from beater speed. Ground speed is also easily controlled because it’s a hydraulic drive tractor. So picture will be coming of guard we had built.