As spring approaches we begin to see the early flowers poking their pretty heads up and it makes us realize that yard work is in order. We usually begin about now in Pennsylvania cleaning out the beds and putting on some Organic Fertilizer. Next is getting the lawn ready. As it warms up we will begin to see some color coming back to the grass. That is the time to begin considering spreading a good quality compost on the lawn and also consider aeration and reseeding. I like to topdress with compost first and then aerate simply because it brings the cores up to the surface where they can dry. Next I spread grass seed and finally drag the yard with a drag mat or a piece of chain link fence with a 2 x 4 tied to the back end for weight. The dragging process helps break up the cores, blend the compost with the native soil and incorporate the seed into the soil. This process helps get more air to the grass root system, increases the organic matter in the soil which improves microbial activity that helps retain soil moisture in heavy soils which in turn reduces runoff and makes the lawn less likely to brown out during dry periods. Wow, that was a mouthful.
After the fall and winter show season we again see an increased number of landscapers that are interested in going more organic in their lawn care approach. We are excited because we understand the value of having healthy soils that grow better grass and are better for our environment.
Have a great spring and go Organic.