Compost Improves Turfgrass

  • Helps Control Thatch
  • Provides Nutrients
  • Helps the Soil Retain and Release Nutrients
  • Helps Suppress Disease-Causing Bacteria & Fungi
  • Improves the Turf Roof System

These advantages are due to the living organisms in the compost, as well as the partially degraded materials that provide compost’s bulk. When compost is further degraded by microorganisms in the soil, it becomes humus, a gel-like mixture of soil minerals, remnants of microbes, and organic r matter.

What’s so Great About Humus?

Humus and partially degraded organic matter retain water in a surface film that is still available to plants’ root hairs, even after the free water has drained away from the root zone. Humus will continue to break down slowly over time, as weather conditions, nutrient availability and populations of microbes change.

Can Humus Change Soil Texture?

Yes! Humus causes aggregates, or larger particles to form in the soil. This results in a coarser texture if the soil is composed of clay, silt, or loam – a better soil for plants that is more friable, looser, and drains more freely. The small grass root hairs will grow into the humus and organic matter, taking advantage of the added nutrients, beneficial microorganisms, and retained water. A larger root system can support healthier top growth.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Continued top-dressing with compost will improve turfgrass stand, reaction to drought and resistance to disease. The overall health of the turfgrass, plus its increased root surface area, will reduce the necessity for chemical pesticide applications. Healthy turfgrass requires less maintenance.

SOURCE: Cornell University Tul1grass Times

We Can Help!

We’ve got the equipment to spread compost on your turf so that its effects are evenly distributed – no “hot spots” or sparse areas. You’ll soon see greener, thicker growth, depending on the time of year and growing conditions. Compost is safe for your children and pets and keeps our environment clean.

Let Us Schedule Your Spreading Now!

Spreading compost takes a little longer than mowing, but the results are well worth it. The best soil conditions are achieved by regular treatment. Once you see the results, we think you’ll make compost spreading a regular part of your maintenance schedule.