Sports & Athletic Topdressers

Save Money Topdressing Your Sports Fields

Many Schools and Universities are looking for ways to save money on their Athletic Field maintenance. One way many of them are beginning to save is using equipment they already own to pull topdressers to treat their fields. It turns out that investing in a machine is financially more beneficial than paying a company to regularly service athletic fields.

Most schools own a tractor or a large UTV that is capable of pulling a topdressing spreader. They also often have employees that can topdress their fields with just a little bit of training.

Earth & Turf values and believes in young people and the facilities organizations that invest in them. For that reason Earth & Turf offer SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for Schools and Universities that choose to purchase their topdressers from Earth & Turf. Ask us about discounts for your facility’s options.

Earth & Turf has topdressers to accommodate different School and University field layouts. Whether your facility has one field to take care of or multiple fields, we have a topdressing spreader right for you. Two topdresser models in particular, the MultiSpread 220 and 320, are becoming more popular with Schools and Universities because they can be towed with existing equipment and they won’t break the budget. Contact us today for a free quote on a topdressing spreader and we’ll help you find the right one to meet your needs.

Sports & Athletic Topdressers

415SP Self Propelled Top Dresser

MultiSpread™ 415SP

The new MultiSpread 415SP is the premier top dresser in Earth & Turf Product’s self propelled spreaders line. This machine is one of a kind and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the industry. The special features of this machine include its 4-wheel steer system offering maneuverability, 4-wheel drive, and its 48 inch brush dispeller. You can spread it quickly at 7 miles per hour. You will spread precisely as well as quickly to get the job done right!

*415 Stand On Top Dresser Patent Pending

MultiSpread™ 415SP Topdresser
MultiSpread 320 From the side 1

MultiSpread™ 320

The MultiSpread™ 320 is the largest topdresser available from Earth & Turf. It features 27 cu. ft. hopper that can be extended with the light material sides to 2 cu. yd. It requires at least 20 hp to tow fully loaded.  It is powered by either ground drive or hydraulic drive.

MultiSpread™ 320 Topdresser
220MS being pulled behind a tractor

MultiSpread™ 220

The MultiSpread Model 220 is the smaller version of the 320. The 220 topdresser is only 45 inches wide, so it can pass through narrow gates and it is easy to navigate around trees, shrubs, and narrow areas. It features the widespread beater system to spread material up to 60″ from its 15 cu. ft. hopper.

MultiSpread™ 220 Topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 100SP

The MultiSpread 100SP from Earth and Turf is one of the bigger self propelled top dressers. This spreader includes a 10.5 hp engine, hydrostatic drive, 10 cu. ft. hopper, and brush expeller. You can also add optional light material sides to increase the capacity for light-weight loads.

*We have also added a spinner dressing expeller option that you can view on our product page!

MultiSpread™ 100SP Topdresser
Large commercial pull behind drop spreader by Earth & Turf.

TruFlow™ 54D

The TruFlow™ 54D is designed the same as the 36D, just on a larger scale. As the name suggests, it topdresses an area that is 54-inches wide. The hopper holds approximately 15 cu. ft. of material which it spreads easily. Uses of the 54D include baseball fields, golf greens, and more!

TruFlow™ 54D Topdresser
36DF Topdresser

TruFlow™ 36D

The TruFlow 36D pull-type topdresser was designed for users who need to apply sand or other topdressing material in a uniform spread. Like all the TruFlow™ models this one is made to apply dry, flow-able materials with moisture content up to twenty-percent.

TruFlow 36D Topdresser
green push drop spreader

TruFlow™ 24D

The TruFlow™ 24D push-type topdresser was designed for operators who need spread topdressing material in tight areas. The 24D is a simple design with a four-wheel stance. The forward wheels provide the power to turn the dispensing roller.

TruFlow 24D Topdresser