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Model 320 Vineyard Special

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The Earth & Turf Model 320 Vineyard Special topdresser spreader features a compact size with “slimmed down” frame and axle assembly makes it the perfect package for vineyards, orchards and row crops with extremely narrow rows.

Measuring only 39 inches at it’s wheel base and 45″ at the widest point of the light material sides, the Vineyard Special will fit perfectly between narrow vineyard rows, yet with its standard light material sides, will carry an impressive capacity of 2 cubic yards of topdressing (maximum load weight 3,000 lbs.) to keep unproductive loading times to a minimum.

The Model 320 Vineyard Special features a specially designed side-to-side spread beater, to distribute material only to the left and right as the unit is pulled between rows. Maximum spread width is 72 inches. An optional beater attachment assures an even spread of material across the rows. Beater and apron belt are driven by tractor hydraulics for maximum spreading flexibility.

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Specialty Equipment Options/ Add-ons:

Custom Features Option

Our goal is create the options and features you are looking for as we know every application can be unique. Currently we offer two different options to tailor your topdresser to your needs. If you have a special application one of our spreaders would work on with some modifications, feel free to give us a call or use our contact form. We are here to serve you and provide the best units on the market.

Hydraulic Drive Option

We are pleased to offer a hydraulic-drive option for its MultiSpread™Model 320, 1-cubic yd. topdresser with exclusive, wide-spread beater. The capacity of the Model 320 can be increased to 2 cu. yd. by adding optional light material sides.

The hydraulic option offers benefits for owners with tow vehicles with remote hydraulic valve and minimum of 6 GPM flow. With the hydraulic-drive option, apron and beater speeds are independent of ground speed, and each is infinitely adjustable independent of each other, providing excellent spreading flexibility. In addition, ground traction in slippery conditions, already excellent with standard, dual-wheel ground drive, would not be an issue.

Raised Bed Option

We make a variety of special application topdressers to fit a variety of needs in the small farm industry. We take our basic spreader boxes and put special axles on to straddle the rows on raised beds, make special beaters that will spread in one direction or a left/right beater that will spread on the rows and leave an area open in the center. We also make a cross conveyor for our 320 hydraulic unit that will spread material to the side for raspberries and blueberries or in small orchard applications.

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