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Self-Propelled Topdressers

Landscapers and homeowners with large properties can profit when using a self-propelled topdresser. These self-propelled topdressers help landscapers finish multiple jobs quickly – every day!

These units are powered by on on-board gasoline engines and the drive is powered by the hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse speeds.

Earth & Turf’s self propelled top dressers easily spread sand, crumbed rubber, compost mixtures, calcined clay, grit, and topdressing materials. You can handle just about anything with a MultiSpread 62SP or a MultiSpread 100SP from Earth & Turf Products! 

Self Propelled Top Dressers Spreading Action Videos!

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earth and truf 62sp 60sp multispread 62sp topdresser
self-propelled topdresser multispread 62sp
earth and truf 62sp 60sp multispread 62sp topdresser

MultiSpread™ 62SP

The MultiSpread 62SP is the latest upgrade to the previous version, the 60SP. This is the smaller self-propelled MultiSpread topdresser available from Earth & Turf. Load up the 6.7 cu. ft. hopper and spread topdressing material up to 42 inches wide.

62SP Self-Propelled Topdresser
hydrostatic drive multispread 100sp topdresser earth and turf

MultiSpread™ 100SP

The MultiSpread 100SP is the larger self-propelled topdressing spreader available. Key features on this topdresser include a 10.5 hp engine, hydrostatic drive, 10 cu. ft. hopper, and brush expeller. Add on the optional light material sides to increase the capacity for light-weight loads.

100SP Self-Propelled Topdresser