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Topdressers Improve Turf!

Improving turf through proper topdressing has always been a key goal for Earth & Turf Products, LLC. Since 1997, Earth &Turf has been providing lawn care professionals, sports turf managers, golf course superintendents, and parks & recreation departments with quality-built topdressers that won’t break the budget.

Earth & Turf topdressers will spread a variety of materials such as sand, compost, topdressing mixes, calcined clay, infield mix, wood chips, lime and de-icing materials. Our topdressers can be pulled easily, depending on size, by lawn and garden tractors, zero-turn mowers, compact diesel tractors, work carts, ATVs and utility vehicles. We even offer a self-propelled topdresser as well as a small push-type topdresser. Earth & Turf Topdressers also work well in conjunction with turf aeration, such as linear aeration, and organic lawn care procedures.

Choosing the Correct Topdresser

All Earth & Turf units have been designed from the ground up to carry their capacity weight of sand, which is the one of the heaviest materials we spread. This refers to the capacity of the base machine, and does not include light material sides, which are optional on some models, and not to be used with heavy materials such as sand and soil.


24D This push-type spreader is designed to spread dry materials, that have under 30% moisture content. These materials are generally stored in bags in a dry area. In some areas with dry atmospheric conditions, the 24D will spread screened compost with moisture below 30%, but materials most commonly spread include calcined clay, dry bagged material and crumbed rubber.

36D & 54DThese tow-type topdressers are designed to handle dry, flowable material with moisture content below 25%. Examples – dry, bagged materials, kiln-dried sand, crumbed rubber and calcined clay.

45HPThis push-type compost spreader is designed for compost screened to ⅜ʺ minus and with under 30% moisture content. This model’s exclusive, reciprocating screen in its bottom sifts material as the unit is pushed forward.


We call the models of this series Multi-Spread™ because of their tremendous versatility spreading a wide variety of materials with varying moisture content. Spreading on all units of this series is tied to ground speed so that, after the metering gate is set, the output will be the same. That means a savings of materials due to accurate application rates.

60SPThis self-propelled, walk-in-front model was designed to fit through narrow, 36ʺ gates. It has a 6.7 cu. ft. capacity and will spread wet or dry materials such as sand, compost, calcined clay, topdressing blends, crumbed rubber, wood chips and all sorts of bagged materials. The 60SP has three-wheel design and is equipped with a CVT transmission which provides infinite forward and reverse speeds. A patented, wide-spread beater is used which, depending on type of material, will spread up to 42ʺ wide. For example, light materials may not spread as wide (imagine spreading feathers) and heavier materials like medium-grade sand may be thrown wider.

100SPThis is a four-wheel-stance, brush-type topdresser with a large, hydrostatic transmission and a 10.5 HP engine. The front axle is solid steel and the frame has built-in stops at approximately 15̊, so the operator can determine how steep a side hill is being negotiated. This is also important for maximum engine life, as most engine manufacturers know that the engine oil availability for piston lubrication will not be sufficient past this angle. The 100SP is our most efficient topdresser, as it only spreads material up to its own width. That means little clean-up when operating along driveways and walkways. The brush propels materials into the canopy of the grass, rather than throwing it into flower beds, rock gardens and paved areas. The 100SP will spread wet or dry materials and its brush will break up some lumpy compost and process it down for a nice spread pattern, with no large clumps left on the turf. A few examples of materials we have successfully spread are:  sand, topdressing blends, compost, cancined clay, crumbed rubber, double-ground mulch, and Class A sewage sludge.

220 MultiSpreadThis is a 2-wheel-drive, pull-type topdresser that uses a wide-spread beater. The base machine is designed to carry 15 cu. ft. of heavy sand, so, if the user is spreading only compost or other light materials, he or she can purchase our light material sides and increase capacity to 1 cu. yd. The Model 220 will spread wet or dry material up to 60ʺ wide, depending on the material. Examples of materials spread would be: sand, topdressing mixes, compost, calcined clay, wood chips, crumbed rubber, grit and de-icing materials. The Model 220 can be towed behind a heavy-duty lawn & garden tractor (18 + HP), a zero-turn mower (25 + HP), ATV, UTV, golf cart or compact tractor.

320 MultiSpreadThis is our largest compact topdresser. The Model 320 is, like the 220, a two-wheel drive, pull-type unit that uses a wide-spread beater. The base unit is designed to carry 1 cu. yd. of heavy sand, and light material sides will increase its capacity to 2 cu. yds.  The Model 320 will spread wet or dry material up to 72ʺ wide, depending on the material. Examples of materials spread would be: sand, topdressing mixes, compost, calcined clay, wood chips, crumbed rubber, grit and de-icing materials. The 320 can be towed behind a compact diesel tractor (20 + HP), heavy-duty UTV, or even a pickup truck.

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