I recently read an article about Green Mountain Power Receiving the Governor’s Award For Environmental Ecellence. This all had to do with treating petroleum contaminated soil naturally. This happened on their farm in Berlin Vt. They divert around 7.5 tons of soil and debris annually that is petroleum contaminated and treat it by adding organic matter in the form of cow manure. The cow manure is tilled into the soil to encourage natural aeration and the process is continued until the soil is clean. Wow, if organics can do that just think what it will do to help you soil that is not contaminated. That is why Earth & Turf Products promotes the use of Organics on lawns and sports turf. So Topdress.
For more information on this article check out the following web site: www.greenmountainpower.biz/whoweare/green.shtml.
Protecting the soil on this planet is vital to our future existence.