I just read an article which you can find at the following link: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20100615/NEWS01/6150330/1002/NEWS about the Department of Environmental Conservation in New York encouraging a more organic approach to lawn care. This is a trend that has been moving south from Canada through New England and now into New York. It seems folks are waking up to the idea that organic may be a better way to go and it is good for the environment. We have been writing for some time about the importance of stopping the flow of chemicals into our waterways from run off. Because lawns tend to have poor soils aerating and then topdressing with Compost can help improve the soil, reduce water requirements as well as the need for pesticides and high power chemical fertilizers.
There are similar trends going on in other parts of the country but it is most pronounced in the Northeast.
Because of all the interest in organic lawn care other products are being developed that are also beneficial. We believe this trend will gain more momentum in the next few years and provide new options for home owners as well as new service opportunities for land care companies.
Keep topdressing.