Organic and or natural lawn care can produce a more healthy grass. Lawns that have been treated, for years with chemical fertilizers and pesticides may require a solid strategy to switch from the chemical way to the organic way. This is where you can lean on our local extention agent for help. It will be important to do soil testing regularly, through this change over process, and look for information from organizations like NOFA. Many home owners look at just the grass and never cosider what is going on under the grass or in the soil. Having a healthy soil is the key to having a safe and beautiful lawn. When your soil microbiology is healthy organics can really take over and the cost should not be higher than using chemicals. The other benefit of going organic is, it is healthy for your family. When using chemicals children and pets have a risk of exposure. Did you ever get a notice when a contractor sprays your lawn to stay of it for a specified length of time? Did you ever wonder where the residue from these chemicals go, like into the ground water you may be drinking?
So the end result of switching to Organic and Natural Lawn Care seems to be a plus on the Healty side all around.