After attending three trade shows ranging from sports turf to lawn care I am finding a growing number of people that are showing interest in caring for turf organically or maybe I should say creating good soils that will support Turf. We are seeing some of the States now banning synthetics on public turf areas like school athletic fields and park and rec areas. This isn’t really surprising, parents are concerned about their children coming in contact with various chemicals. The other issue is clean water which we have written about numerous times. I am also glad to see that people are realizing, based on comments from the trade shows, that using chemicals is like having the turf on drugs not on a healthy soil that will support grow naturally. Earth & Turf is committed to building products to help solve the problem rather than being part of the problem. Our topdressers are designed to be highly functional while still being affordable.
Be part of the solution and learn about organic land care. Organizations like NOFA can help with your education.