Best Open Topdressers On The Market

Earth & Turf Products

Earth & Turf Products designs and builds the best open topdressers on the market for landscaping contractors, market gardeners, sports field managers and grounds keepers. Our compost spreading machines are designed to be superior to the industry comparable models made by other top dressing manufacturers.

Push-Type Open Topdressers

Earth & Turf has 2 signature push behind open topdressers. One belongs to the TruFlow line of open topdressers and the other model belongs to the MultiSpread line of open topdressers.

TruFlow 24D

The TruFlow 24d is the push-type lawn drop spreader from Earth & Turf Products. It is designed to fit into tight spaces and allow for precise drop-spreading. Operators will enjoy the maximum spread width of 24” and the drum spreader design that allows for easy and even spreading.

push type drum spreading open topdresser
open topdressers walk behind topdressing spreader
open topdressers with drum spreaders

MultiSpread 45HP

The MultiSpread 45HP is the second walk behind open topdresser manufactured by Earth & Turf. The 45HP differs from the TruFlow 24D in that instead of a drum-spreading system it operates off of a reciprocating screen system. This allows the 45HP to spread different material than the 24D. This walk behind open topdresser is much better for spreading materials like compost, compost mixes, and peat moss when broken up before being put into the machine.

open topdressers push type topdresser
open topdressers push behind lawn spreader

Tow Behind Open Topdressers

Earth & Turf Products has an extensive line of tow behind open topdressers belonging to both the TruFlow product line and the MultiSpread line. The TruFlow tow behind open topdressers are going to be in the drop spreader style of application and deal mostly with dry, flowable materials. The MultiSpread line features tow behind open topdressers with a broadcast spreading pattern that allows for wider, more comprehensive spreading.

open topdressers pull behind drop spreaders

TruFlow 36D

Earth & Turf’s 36D pull-behind open topdresser was designed to fit into tighter spaces while still offering a decent sized open hopper capacity. Based on its gravity dependent design and roller spreading action this topdressing machine spread flowable, dry topdressing materials with a maximum moisture content of 25%.

large tow behind open topdresser earth and turf products

TruFlow 54D

The TruFlow 54D is the 36D’s older sibling. Featuring the same spreading design and function, the 54D simply boasts a larger capacity and spreading width. Like the smaller pull behind open topdresser this spreader is best equipped to handle dry, flowable topdressing materials that do not have a moisture content higher than 25%. 

market gardener pull behind open topdresser

MultiSpread 65PT

The 65PT from Earth & Turf Products is one of the latest creations to hit the topdressing market. This open topdresser was designed specifically with market gardeners in mind. The machine width is 30 inches with the wheels being 36 inches apart, perfectly designed to go up and down market gardener garden rows without crushing the plants.

multispread 220 open topdresser

MultiSpread 220

If you’re looking for a bigger open topdresser then the MultiSpread 220 or 320 may be what you’re looking for. Earth & Turf Products designed these larger compost spreaders with widespread beaters that can spread certain materials up to 60 inches wide. The MultiSpread 220 can easily handle wet and dry topdressings and is equipped to help you get your job done.

open topdressers biggest pull behind top dresser

MultiSpread 320

The MultiSpread 320 is the big brother to Earth & Turf’s MultiSpread 220. The MultiSpread 320 can spread up to 72 inches wide with the widespread beater design. It is rated to carry 2,700 lbs of sand or 2.7 cubic feet of sand or other materials. Its total capacity can also be expanded by adding the optional loading chutes. However, sand cannot be used with the loading chutes as that will exceed the maximum weight capacity of the machine.

Self-Propelled Open Topdressers

Next in the lineup of open topdressers we have the self-propelled models. These open top dressing spreaders will change the way you top dress. Whether you’re a hard working landscaping contractor or a dedicated groundskeeper the 62SP and the 100SP will radically change your day to day work. 

Tapping into the self-propelling drives of these machines makes it easier than ever to top dress. And in addition to being self-propelled no extra equipment is required like a tractor or ATV for pulling. These machines will make you more efficient in your work and save you time.

MultiSpread 62SP

The 62SP is a special self-propelled open topdresser in that it has forward and reverse drive capabilities. This is the feature that separates the 62SP from other comparable top dressers. It will only spread in forward drive mode so that when you are moving the machine in reverse it will not double-spread materials. 

The 62SP can handle spreading both wet and dry materials and can handle a 100% capacity load of sand. Most competitor open topdressers are only rated to carry 40% capacity of sand because sand is such a heavy material. This is a feature that sets Earth & Turf machinery apart from other manufacturers.

open topdressers broadcast spreading compost spreader sand spreader

MultiSpread 100SP

The MultiSpread 100SP offers a larger capacity and utilizes a brush expeller to disperse its material loads. Both of Earth & Turf’s self propelled open topdressers are capable of forward and reverse drive. The 100SP will not spread while moving in reverse, this saves the operator material and prevents double spreading. 

The 100SP has a 10 cubic foot open topdresser hopper capacity. It has been built to easily hold a full, 10 cubic foot capacity of sand. Most other open topdressers, even self-propelled ones, are only rated and manufactured to handle a 40% capacity load of sand! This is the strongest self-propelled 10 cubic foot open topdresser for landscaping contractors, golf courses, synthetic turf installations, and maintenance crews.

open topdressers by earth and turf products 100sp multispread topdresser

Specialty-Use Open Topdressers

Earth & Turf Products builds the very best open topdressers and has worked hard over the years to develop a robust product line that takes into consideration all the nuances of compost spreading and top dressing. The market is a unique one filled with hard working people with very specific needs based on their top dressing context.

Vineyard Mulch Spreader

Earth & Turf’s vineyard mulch spreader is a specialty model open topdresser. This machine was intentionally designed and manufactured with a narrow body and axle system making it perfect for vineyards, orchards, and row crops with narrower rows. 

open topdressers mulch spreader vineyard top dressing spreader by earth and turf products 1