I just came back from the Georgia Parks and Recreation Field Day in Atlanta, where the Linear Aerator was demonstrated. There was also a topdressing demo done, where calcined clay was spread on a football practice field. The objective was to topdress calcined clay and then use the Linear Aerator to aerate and incorporate the material back into the aeration grooves. We again experienced wet conditions because of the continued rain they have experienced in the Atlanta area. The Linear Aerator was run approximately 150 feet for Demonstration purposes because it was too wet. Ron Sattle Jr. of Athletic Turf Management put on an excellent talk on the value of using the Linear Aerator ( Ron has done approximately 30 fields ) and the crowd was very positive about the results. We were able to review 2 sections of the field that had been aerated 10 days prior and 3 weeks prior. The Turf was doing excellently and you could walk from an area that was not aerated onto the area that had been Linear Aerated and definitely feel the difference. The aerated area was softer because of the decompaction action of the process.