KAFMO, the Keystone Athletic Field Managers Association, just completed another successful conference and trade show in Grantville, Pa. Their was approximately 300 people in attendence. We showed our new LA-60 Linear aerator and had some excellent response. Field managers liked the fact that after topdressing they could make one pass to do aeration and blend the soil amendment back into the aeration grooves. The LA-60 also decompacts the soil and because you are not making more trips over the field you do not recompact it. There was a number of excellent talks put on in regard to maintaining sports fields. Professor Andrew Mcnitt, from Penn State University put on a great presentation and also handed out a very helpful piece entitled “Turfgrass Management Calendar”. The calendar provided optimal times to deal with the various aspects of turfgrass management. Especially important to our readers was the information on aeration and topdressing. For aeration the calendar showed the process can be done in the spring from March through May but the best time is in the fall from September to mid October and mid November to the first week of December. Aeration can still take place from mid October through mid November. The optimum time for Topdressing would be from the end of February until late May or mid October until the first of December. Topdressing is also okay from September until mid October. We hope this information is helpful to you.