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The MultiSpread™ topdresser was developed in 1999 with input from landscape contractors who wanted a topdresser to spread wet or dry material, go through a 42″ gate, and still spread material wider than the unit. Earth & Turf developed the “widespread beater” system, and was the first topdresser on the market to offer a “widespread beater.”

The MultiSpread™ line continued to evolve and added the MultiSpread™ Model 300 in 2001, and the MultiSpread™ Model 320. The MultiSpread™ line is capable of spreading a variety of materials such as sand, compost, topdressing mixes, calcined clay, infield mix, wood chips (on pathways), grass clippings, lime, crumbled rubber on synthetic turf, de-icing materials and other products that require an open design system.

With the MultiSpread™ “widespread beater” system, neither moisture content nor particle size (as long as it fits through the endgate) are a problem. Hence the name “MultiSpread™”; this topdresser will spread practically any material.

MultiSpread 45HP

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MultiSpread 220

MultiSpread 320