The MultiSpread™ Model 320 is the largest capacity ground drive topdresser available for the turf market, with a struck level capacity of 27 cubic feet and heaped capacity of 1.25 cubic yards.

The Model 320 topdresser is designed for sports turf managers to maintain athletic fields, for schools, universities, and golf courses to spread grass clippings, large estates for lawn care, and synthetic turf installation and maintenance companies.

The 320 can be pulled with a small compact diesel tractor, heavy duty ultility cart, compact pickup truck, or a large ATV.


Ground Drive System

The Dual Wheel Ground Drive system provides for a positive drive for the belt and beater.

Belt & Unique Beater

32″ Wide PVC Belt is durable and delivers material smoothly and evenly to the patented “widespread beater” system.

Turf Tires

26 X 12.00-2 4-ply Multi Trac Turf Tires offer positive drive traction and are easy on the turf.

Adjustable Rear Shroud

Adjustable Tongue

Simple Belt Tightener

Endgate Adjustment System


Loading Chutes

The optional Loading Chutes increase the loading width to 63″ to reduce spillage when loading with a tractor loader.

Adjustable Wing Kit

The optional Wing Kit allows operators to control the spread pattern by moving one or both wings inward

Light Material Sides

Increase the capacity to approx. 2 Cu. Yards. Designed for use with light materials such as compost, crumbed rubber and calcined clay. Fully loaded weight should not exceed 2,700 lbs.



Capacity: 27 cu. ft./0.77 m3 Max. Load Wt.: 2700 lbs/1125 kg
Box Width: 30.5 in./77.5 cm Box Length: 73.5 in./186.7 cm
Total Height: 39.5 in./100.3 cm  
Total Width: 58.8 in./148.4 cm Total Length: 122 in./309.9 cm
Spread Width: Up to 72 in./183cm Spread Thick: Up to 0.25 in./0.6 cm
Spread Syst.: Wide Spread Beater Wt. W/Tires: 760 lbs/344.7 kg
Tire Size: 26.0 x 12-12  Movement:  Pull-type
Drive: Ground Drive Double Wheel  Req. Power: 20 hp/15.5 kw
Build: 12/16 Ga. Bolted Steel Industrial Powder Coat Options:  Light Material Sides/ Adjustable Wing Kit /Loading Chutes

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