320V Side Dresser

Mulch Spreader

320V Narrow Rows

The Earth & Turf Model 320V Side Dresser features a compact size with a “slimmed down” frame and axle assembly. Making it the perfect package for vineyards, orchards, and row crops with narrow rows.

 Measuring only 42 in. from wheel-to-wheel and 45 in. at the widest point of the light material sides, the 320V mulch spreader will fit perfectly between narrow rows. With light material sides for compost, it will carry an impressive capacity of 2 cubic yards of topdressing (maximum load weight 2,700 lbs.). You will be able to spend less time loading and more time spreading with one of our 320 compost spreaders.

The Model 320V Side Dresser features a side conveyor to throw material onto a row for mulching and sidedressing compost. The Hydraulic side conveyor features a variable speed that will throw material 3′-4′ to the right. Our widespread beater can be added as an additional option for swapping out the sidedressing and topdressing between rows. This is helpful when spreading compost for moisture retention, or wood chips for walking paths down the row floors.

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320V sidedresser for vineyards in USA
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What it spreads:

Materials commonly spread by the 320V Side Dresser include: compost, topdressing materials, mulch, and wood chips.

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Powered by:

The 320V Compost Spreader is built on the platform of the MultiSpread™ 320 with the ground-drive upgraded to the hydraulic drive.

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Who uses this machine:

The 320V Side Dresser mulch spreader is used mainly by vineyards, orchards, blueberry patches, and Christmas Tree Farms to spread compost along rows.

320V Side Dresser Compost Spreader

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320V Side Compost Spreader

Standard Features

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Hydraulic Spreading Controls

Hydraulic Spreading Controls allow the operator to control material flow from start to stop in the operator position without dismounting the tractor

Row Mulching Side Conveyor

Side Discharge Conveyor

Side Discharge Conveyor allows operators to throw material up to 4′ to one side from a low position for sidedressing under bushes, trees, and leaves. Throwing belt speed is variable to fit your precise application.


Tandem Walking Axle

Tandem Walking Axle stabilizes the spreader in uneven terrain and bumpy conditions to keep the load secure. All bumps are absorbed by both wheels reducing the jarring bumps to a fraction. See this feature in action.

The Expert’s Opinion

MultiSpread 320V Side Dresser Spreader

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320V sideresser for compost in vineyards

The Earth & Turf Model 320V Side Dresser is especially useful in spreading compost in vineyards, the benefits of which are explained in detail in an article entitled “Compost and Mulch – Investing in vineyard health” by Christy Porter, California Integrated Waste Management Board, Sacramento, CA, that appeared in WINEGROWING magazine, November/December, 1998.

A few brief excerpts from that article will explain:

“Will Bakx, a soil scientist for Sonoma Compost in Petaluma, CA, produces high-quality compost from urban yard trimmings. Many vineyard managers who apply compost and mulch after harvest are finding these products to be useful components of their vineyard floor management program. While some vineyard managers purchase these soil amendments, others make their own compost from grape pomace. Either way compost and mulch are products that result from recycling materials that might otherwise be wasted. As many communities collect yard trimmings at the curb to reduce organic materials going to landfills, these materials are being transformed into valuable soil amendments by producers such as Bakx. Growers and researchers alike are discovering the benefits of these recycled soil amendments.”

“After three consecutive years, the study at Robert Mondavi Winery’s Tokolon Z block found that blocks with compost applied had increased yields of up to 0.9 tons per acre, while the fruit quality remained the same. Application rates for the study ranged from two to eight tons per acre with the 0.9 tons per acre increase in yield occurring in the eight-tons-per-acre treatment. Cost of the compost at $24 per ton applied at Tokolon was recovered by an increased yield valued at $1,350 per acre. Since the trial ended in 1995, about four tons per acre of compost has been applied annually to 20 acres.”

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MultiSpread 320V Side Dresser


  • Capacity: 2 cubic yards
  • Box Width: 30.5 inches (77.5 cm)
  • Total Height: 48.5 inches (123.2 cm)
  • Total Width: 39 inches (99.06 cm)
  • Spread Width: Up to 72 inches (183 cm)
  • Spread System: Wide Spread Beater
  • Tire Size: 18.00 x 8.50-8.00
  • Drive: Tractor / Tow-Vehicle Hydraulics
  • Max Load Weight: 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg)
  • Box Length: 76.5 inches (194.3 cm)
  • Total Length: 122 inches (309.9 cm)
  • Spread Thickness: Up to 0.25 inches (0.6 cm)
  • Weight w/ Tires: 760 lbs (344.7 kg)
  • Movement: Pull-Type
  • Required Power: 24 hp/18 kw
  • Build: 12/16 ga. Bolted Steel

Box Width:
Total Height:
Total Width:
Spread Width:
Spread System:
Tire Size:

1 yard/2 yards with LMS
30.5 inches 
48.5 inches
43″ Total Width
Up to 72 inches 
Sidedressing Cross Conveyor
18.00 x 8.50-8.00
Tractor / Tow-Vehicle Hydraulics

Max Load Weight:
Box Length:
Total Length:
Spread Thickness:
Weight w/ Tires:
Required Power:

2,700 lbs. 
76.5 inches
122 inches 
Up to 0.25 inches 
760 lbs 
24 hp/18 kw
12/16 ga. Bolted Steel

Similar Spreader Models

220 tow behind compost spreader

MultiSpread™ 220

The MultiSpread 220 is our smaller, pull-type top dressing spreader that will tow easily using a commercial mower, utility vehicle, or lawn tractor. It has a simple, two-wheel ground traction drive, and a spread width of 42-60 inches. This unit can be customized for agricultural raised beds.

multispread™ 220 topdresser
multispread 320 spreading

MultiSpread™ 320

The larger MultiSpread top dressing spreader model is the 320. This unit can be pulled by larger tow vehicles with at least 20 hp. The MultiSpread 320 has a capacity of 27 cu. ft. that can be expanded to 54 cu. ft. or 2 cu. yd. The two-wheel ground traction drive comes standard and can be upgraded to a hydraulic drive. The 320 uses the widespread beater system to spread from 60-72 inches, depending on the material.

multispread™ 320 topdresser
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Struggling to Find the Perfect Spreader?

Finding the ideal topdresser or spreader can be challenging. That's why we've created this filtering tool to simplify the process for you! With this tool, you can start by filtering based on the type of material you intend to spread. This ensures that you get the right spreader for your specific needs without any guesswork!

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