Most Durable Sand Spreaders And Topdressers By Earth & Turf

Earth & Turf Product’s top dressing spreaders are the most durable sand spreaders you will find on the market today. How can we make such a strong claim? Because we have engineered and built every one of the topdressers in our product lines to hold 100% of their hopper capacities in sand. Yes, you read that correctly, you can fill these Earth & Turf topdressers and drop spreaders to 100% capacity with the sand you’re spreading. 

loading sand spreader with tractor for topdressing

Most compact topdressers on the market today are only rated to hold 40% of their hopper capacities with sand. Our machines will carry and spread two-and-a-half times as much sand every load. Sand is one of the heaviest topdressing materials weighing in at 100 lbs per cubic foot of material. 

We made the choice to build our topdressers and drop spreaders tough enough to handle their full hopper capacities of sand to set them apart from the competition. 

Why Is Topdressing With Sand Beneficial?

Topdressing with sand has multiple benefits for both golf greens and lawns. Specifically for golf greens, sand spreading will fill in the tiny little imperfections in the soil and grass roots to allow for smoother putting. Topdressing with sand also improves the health of the thatch layer that exists and this in-turn helps to prevent dry areas in your turf or lawn. Regularly topdressing with sand also improves the firmness of your lawns or greens and over years of regular sand spreading, your soil will actually be improved. 

loading a pull behind sand spreader from earth and turf

MultiSpread Sand Topdressing Spreaders By Earth & Turf

If you’re a landscaping contractor or a golf course curator you may have a lot of ground to cover in your work (no pun intended). If that’s the case then one of Earth & Turf’s MultiSpread sand topdressers will serve you well. We offer 3 different self-propelled sand spreaders as well as some very impressive tow-behind sand topdressers that will broadcast spread your sand or other materials well. 

stand on top dresser 4 wheel drive compost spreader 26

Smallest Self-Propelled Sand Spreader 

The 62SP is our smallest self-propelled sand spreader from our MultiSpread lineup. This machine is easy to maneuver and features forward and reverse drive with a 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. Offering a 6.7 cubic foot hopper capacity this is a great machine for smaller jobs. The 62P only spreads while moving forward so you never have to worry about double spreading and wasting material if you need to reverse to reset for another pass of spreading sand. 

small self propelled sand spreader for topdressing lawns and golf courses

100 Cubic Foot Self-Propelled Sand Top Dresser 

Earth & Turf’s 100SP is the larger walk-behind self-propelled sand spreader. This machine is powered by a 10 HP Honda gasoline engine. The 100SP offers a large 10 cubic foot hopper capacity and will carry 10 cubic feet of sand for every load. This machine also provides forward and reverse drives and only spreads in forward to prevent material waste and double spreading. It also features a brush expeller making it the most efficient sand spreader of its size on the market. 

10 cubic foot capacity sand topdressing spreader by earth and turf products

Stand On Sand Top Dresser (Patent Currently Pending) 

The newest addition to the Earth & Turf MultiSpread lineup is the stand on 415SP sand topdresser. We’re incredibly excited about this model and its ability to change the way sand spreading is done. The 415SP can be driven up to 7 MPH while spreading. Taking into consideration its 15 cubic foot hopper capacity and speed this sand topdresser will allow the operator to spread more material in less time than any other comparable machine on the market. 

stand on sand spreader topdressing with sand

Powered by a monstrous 20 HP GX630 Honda engine and offering 4 individual hydraulic motors that power and steer each wheel this sand spreader offers pinpoint maneuverability. You will be able to steer around incredibly tight corners making your topdressing and sand spreading easier than ever. 

MultiSpread 220 VS 320 For Sand Spreading And Topdressing

The MultiSpread line of topdressers from Earth & Turf features two tow-behind sand spreaders in addition to our three self-propelled models. The 220MS and the 320MS are identical in design and simply differing in size. Both machines were constructed with sand spreading in mind, although they both can spread many topdressing materials well, and because of that they can carry full capacities of sand. The 220MS has a 15 cubic foot capacity hopper and the 320MS has a gigantic 27 cubic foot hopper. Looking at their pictures it can be hard to tell how different in size they actually are but the 320MS offers almost double the load capacity of the 220MS. Both sand topdressers offer 

top dressing spreader earth and turf peoducts

Earth & Turf TruFlow Sand Drop Spreaders

In addition to our self-propelled sand spreader lineup Earth & Turf Products offers a number of drop spreader-style sand spreaders. You can get Earth & Turf drop spreaders for spreading sand in manual push-type or in 2 different pull-behind spreader styles.

sand drop spreaders from earth and turf

Walk-Behind Sand Spreader 

walk behind sand spreader rolling sand topdressing material

The walk-behind sand spreader from Earth & Turf Products is the TruFlow 24D. The 24D has a 3 cubic foot hopper capacity and is a great push-behind sand spreader for detailed work like putting greens on golf courses and other smaller areas. It operates off of a ground drive system with the dispersal drum connected to the front two wheels. It’s simple to move this machine without spreading as well, just tip it back onto its close-stance rear wheels and maneuver to where you want to begin spreading. It spreads evenly in a 22-24” wide pattern. 

walk behind sand spreader roller bar design

Pull-Behind Sand Drop Spreaders  

Earth & Turf makes two identical pull-behind sand drop spreaders that are simply different sizes. Let us introduce to you the 36D and 54D pull-behind spreaders. These beautiful machines are built from the most durable materials to handle full hopper loads of sand for maximum spreading efficiency.

If you are looking for an ATV sand spreader or a sand spreader to pull with a small tractor or UTV then the 36D and 54D are what you’re looking for. These two machines offer 36 inch and 54 inch spread widths (respectively). They operate off of a “drum and drop” spreading system meaning that the dry flowable materials being spread, often sand, spin through the drum and are drop-spread on the ground. 

Both the 36D and the 54D have adjustable end gates for you to easily control the flow of the sand or other material and they provide very uniform spreading patterns. Their large turf tires protect the ground you are topdressing and ensure that no damage is done even when carrying a full load of sand. 

Which Sand Spreader From Earth & Turf Is Right For You?

If you’re a landscaping contractor that has lots of residential accounts then you may want a 62SP, 100SP, or a 415SP because these machines will make quick work of most residential yards. If you have small spaces to topdress in like a narrow side yard between 2 homes then you may want to consider a TruFlow 24D. If you are managing sports fields or caretaking golf course greens and fairways then you may want to consider a 220MS or 320MS based on how large the areas are or how frequently you are topdressing with sand or other materials. 

If you have questions about Earth & Turf sand spreaders or would like help determining which sand spreader from Earth & Turf is right for you just contact us today, we’re ready to help you pick out a machine or machines that will change the way you work. 

earth and turf sand spreader with topdressing brish expeller