Best Lime Drop Spreaders by Earth & Turf

Are you seeking a high-quality drop spreader to meet your precision spreading needs? Look no further than Earth and Turfs’ high-performing drop spreaders. Our Dri-Flo drop spreaders have been designed to effectively and efficiently spread fine flowable materials, including lime, seed, and granular fertilizers. With both stainless steel and painted steel options available, we have a spreader to fit any budget. Please don’t settle for less when it comes to your drop spreader. Check out our Dri-Flo series today and experience the difference yourself!

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Stainless Steel Drop Spreaders

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48″ Stainless Steel Drop Spreader

Dri-Flo 48SS

The 48SS is the most compact of the 3 stainless steel drop spreaders. This would be the best drop spreader to treat your lawn. If you are looking for a residentially sized model that can get the job done, this is a great drop spreader for lawns, gardens, and other applications.. Even though the 60SS and 72SS are larger, the 48SS can hold up to 7.4 cubic feet of material.

The 48SS drop spreader operates off of a ground drive system and can be easily pulled by your ATV, UTV, lawn mower, or compact tractor. Your product will stay safe and dry in the stainless-steel hopper because of the locking lid that each  drop spreader comes equipped with.

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48SS Specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 533
  • Volume Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft.
  • Overall Width: 73”
  • Unit Weight: 325 lb. 
  • Hopper Width: 18 ½ “

Optional Features

  • Secondary Agitator 

60″ Stainless Steel Drop Spreader

Dri-Flo 60SS

The 60SS is the mid-sized drop spreader from Earth and Turf. This model is perfect for taking care of a medium sized yard, small farmette, food plots, or doing landscaping or lawn care on the side.

The 60” long hopper can hold up to 9 cubic feet of product. This drop spreader is sturdy enough to handle lime and precise enough to spread fertilizer. It is truly versatile in its applications and its year-round usage ability.

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60SS Specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 666 lb.
  • Volume Capacity: 9.3
  • Overall Width: 85″
  • Unit Weight: 353 lb.

Optional Features

  • Secondary Agitator 

72″ Stainless Steel Drop Spreader

Dri-Flo 72SS

The 72SS drop spreader is big enough and tough enough to handle all of your farming or landscaping needs. The 72SS is the Commercial Drop Spreader that is perfect for tackling big projects like managing your food log, farmette, or maintaining your large property. Its 72” long, stainless steel hopper can hold over 11 cubic feet of material and it operates off of a ground drive!

You can pull your 72SS commercial drop spreader with an ATV, UTV, lawn mower, or compact tractor. All Dri-Flo drop spreaders have 15 different manual settings that you can use to customize the way you get your work done. The durable American manufacturing and fully enclosed hopper with locking lid ensures that you can use your 72SS drop spreader year-round and in any conditions. 12” wide tires cut down on any tracks or ruts that could be caused while using the 72SS.

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72 ss

72-SS Specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 800
  • Volume Capacity: 11.2 cu. ft.
  • Overall Width: 97″
  • Unit Weight: 380 lb.

Optional Features

  • Secondary Agitator


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Painted Steel Drop Spreaders

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36″ Lawn Drop Spreader

Dri-Flo™ 36DF

The Dri-Flo 36DF is the smallest lime drop spreader in the Dri-Flo series. This spreader will be great for homeowners looking for a small yet high quality towable drop spreader to treat their lawns with fertilizer, seed, or lime – or for market gardeners with 3 foot bed systems. It will spread amendments for flower and vegetable beds, then go behind a tractor or treat the lawn out front.

You will be able to use 15 different flow settings to control the precision spreading. Although small, the 36DF is rated to hold 400 lbs and 5.7 cubic feet of material. Based on the weight of lime, the heaviest of our testing materials, it will fit roughly 400 lbs and it will hold heavier weights for specific applications.

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36DF Specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lb.
  • Volume Capacity: 5.7 cu. ft.
  • Overall Width: 61 in.
  • Unit Weight: 235 lb.

Optional Features

  • Secondary Agitator
  • Lid for drop spreader

48″ Tow Behind Drop Spreader

Dri-Flo 48DF

The 48DF is our medium-sized lime spreader in the Dri-Flo series. The 48DF is a 4 foot wide, towable precision drop spreader for lime and other very fine flowable materials. Market farmers and hunters that are treating their food plots will appreciate the size of this drop spreader. The 48DF will span a 4 foot garden bed or fit down an ATV trail, it can do it all! 

With the 48DF you will be able to load up 533 lbs of material or 7.4 cubic feet of material. Based on the weight of lime, the heaviest of our testing materials, it will hold roughly 535 lbs but for certain applications it will be able to hold more. 

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48DF Specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 533 lb.
  • Volume Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft.
  • Unit Width: 73 in.
  • Unit Weight: 260 lb.

Optional Features

  • Secondary Agitator
  • Lid for drop spreader

60″ Pull Behind Drop Spreader

Dri-Flo 60DF

The Dri-Flo 60DF is Earth & Turf’s largest lime drop spreader. It offers a 60 in spread width and features the same 15 different spreading settings to ensure precision no matter the material. 

With its 5 foot wide spread pattern this is a great drop spreader to handle bigger jobs where open space doesn’t confine the spreader size. Every Dri-Flow lime spreader is built with durable materials that will last for many years. Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or hunter setting us his food plots this lime spreading machine is what you’re looking for. 

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heavy duty drop spreader form earth and turf towed by lawn tractor

60DF Specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 666 lb.
  • Volume Capacity: 9.3 cu. ft.
  • Unit Width: 85 in.
  • Unit Weight: 285 lb.

Optional Features

  • Secondary Agitator
  • Lid for drop spreader


Lime Drop Spreaders Demonstration Videos

Towable Drop Spreaders By Earth & Turf

All of the Dri-Flo drop spreader models are towable drop spreaders with an extendable hitch for convenience. If you are looking for a walk behind drop spreader you can check out our TruFlow 24D. You will be able to pull your Dri-Flo drop spreader behind your lawn mower, UTV, ATV, garden tractor, or compact diesel. If you’re specifically looking for a well-built, high-quality ATV drop spreader then consider a Dri-Flow from Earth & Turf. Feel free to ask questions to find out if this unit is right for you!

What Else Can You Spread With Dri-Flo Lime Drop Spreaders?

Although the Dri-Flo series was designed with customers in mind who want to spread dry ag lime, there many other materials that our Dri-Flo drop spreaders will spread. Different types of seed can be spread, you can use Dri-Flo drop spreaders to spread granular lime & fertilizers, diatomaceous earth, fine sand, and other very fine flowable materials. 

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heavy duty dry material drop spreader

Lime Spreader Optional Features

There are two optional features you can choose to upgrade your heavy duty drop lime spreader from Earth & Turf if you so choose. You can add a detachable lid to your drop spreader to help keep your materials dry or from blowing from the hopper on a windy day. You can also add a second agitator to help spread materials that are less flowable or have a higher moisture content than lime, seed, or fertilizer. Let us know which optional feature you’re interested in when you contact us about a Dri-Flo lime spreader. 

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lime drop spreader with material lid for added protection

Optional Hopper Lid

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Optional Second Agitator

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Struggling to Find the Perfect Spreader?

Finding the ideal topdresser or spreader can be challenging. That's why we've created this filtering tool to simplify the process for you! With this tool, you can start by filtering based on the type of material you intend to spread. This ensures that you get the right spreader for your specific needs without any guesswork!

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If you are interested in financing options for a high quality topdresser you can submit an application as the first step to owning your own topdressing machine. We know that it can be a pricy purchase and that's why financing options can help alleviate a large upfront bill!

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