I just read an article published in a major turf magazine talking about how Americans want to have these wonderful lawns. The article interviewed people from major chemical companies so guess what the results were? Everyone is working on new chemicals with less toxicity. To me that in itself is admission that the chemicals currently being used are toxic. Which of course they are because their objective is to kill weeds and kill insects. The article focused around all the jobs the lawn care industry supports and that part is great. Did anyone ever ask the question about moving toward a more organic approach to lawn care? Not really.
If a pesticide is used does it kill both non-beneficial and beneficial insects? So then what is the next step, make another chemical to take care of what the beneficial insect did? It goes on and on when a good solid organic program could also offer the homeowner good results and a nice lawn.
The idea of having a lawn is important to Americans which I support. I believe the thing the article totally overlooked is that topdressing with organic materials like compost in conjunction with proper aeration are also jobs done by lawn care professionals that can be expanded further and create new jobs or replace jobs that can create problems with the water we drink and any issues with toxicity that may hurt pets or children.
The organic approach using compost, aeration and cutting the grass at a proper height so weeds have less of a chance of making it sounds the best to me.