Keeping our soils Healthy has always been a major focus to us here at Earth & Turf Products LLC. We have been building topdressers / compost spreaders for over 15 years and have been involved in the design and development of Compost Spreaders since 1989. We are getting more and more support by articles that have been published over the last ten to twelve years showing the positive effects of using a good quality compost as a soil amendment for turf. The organic food movement also helped our cause as it brought more awareness to improving our quality of life and health. If you read what we have written over the years and published on our site it is easy to see the right way is a more organic approach. Even the USDA the United States Department of Agriculture published a short article ” Soil Health – Key Points ” which has a number of great points as to why we should be increasing the organic matter in our soils which are currently quite low. One point was, ” one percent of organic matter in the top six inches of soil will retain about 27,000 gallons of water per acre”. Another statement I like was something said by Franklin Roosevelt, ” The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”.
We can get away from heavy chemical dependence and still have a great lawn and the most important part is it is worth it. It is worth it in the form of clean water and a safe place for our children and pets to play.