A recent article in the Statesman.com ( 3-17-07 ) by Julie Bonnin, talks about the City of Austin, Texas raising the awareness on the downside of ‘Weed-and-Feed’ products and how they can pollute surface and ground water. The city’s campaign is funded by the EPA. Apparently the chemical from these products have been found in 70% of the city’s groundwater. The alternative is creating a healthy dense lawn that chokes out the weeds. Topdressing with compost and an occasional spraying along with using products like corn gluten which is a natural pre-emergent herbicide can help create a healthy lawn. In the future water will be a valuable resource so we must use good turf management practices now so the next generation does not have to worry about where to get a drink of good water. Check out the article for yourself for more information. The title is ” ‘Weed-and-Feed’ products aren’t so green”.