When you bake a cake you start with a recipe and then you pull together all the ingredients, put everything together and then pop it in the oven and if you have done everything right bingo you get a great cake. Growing turf is really not all that much different. The ingredients are soil, nutrients, beneficial insects, moisture and air. The only difference is the initial ingredient you start with, the soil. Soils very in composition and the other ingredients do too so you must first find out what you are working with to get things right and that is a soil sample. Now that you know what you are starting with you can add the right amount of the other ingredients to produce good turf. We believe in moving toward an organic mix which is good for the Earth and the Water. Do you need to add organic matter and if so how much. Do your best to get things right and bingo you get a great lawn. Disclaimer, the cooking time for different lawns can vary so be patient. Have a good 2014.