The 2017 GIE EXPO in Louisville Kentucky was a really great show. More and more people today are catching on to the idea of getting into the compost topdressing business as people want their lawns to have more organics in them than chemicals. This is the way it should be. I know a number of us in the industry have been preaching this for years but the feel is there that it is really catching on. We had so many people come up to our booth saying we really want to get this business going in our area and we know from our experience if you are in an area that gets it and the need is there all you really have to do
is go after the market. It is early innovators that do the start up work but also capture the business if they do it right.
If you have been thinking about getting started in the topdressing business give us a call we will do our best to help you get going with a quality built topdresser.