Many times I have customers asking me where can they find good quality compost and how much will it cost. I often tell the to do a search on the computer for “compost facilities___” and put in the blank for whatever state they live in. This will give them a list of all the compost facilities both good and bad. Sometimes compost facilities are taking in material because they get a tipping fee and they want to turn it around quickly and get it out of their yards, these are the ones to be careful with if you are looking for good quality compost unless you have a yard big enough to take it in and turn it a few more times. The ones I usually suggest considering are the ones who can tell you the inputs and give you an analysis of their product. When you get to this point just be careful of the salt content and a high levels of heavy metals. The cost for compost are all over the board and can run from $13.00 per cubic yard to $35.00 or more. Just do your job and check them out, ask for reference of people that use their product and find out what kind of results they are getting. The objective is to find a good product that will get you repeat business because it works.