The GIE-EXPO attendance was up this year and so was the attitude of the attendees. It may be because we have a product situated in a growth market and the landscape contractors are looking for new ways increase their revenue but regardless the excitement felt good. Every year we attend the show it seems more and more people are understanding the importance of topdressing. In addition there is a growing interest in adding organic matter to the soil in the form of compost. It has taken several years of touting the organic route to lawn care and it is paying off. We had a tremendous amount of interest in our new 60SP self propelled topdresser out in our demo area as well as the new 45HP push unit. Many contractors have wanted to get into topdressing but up until now there has been no entry level machines on the market that were affordable and allowed them to get there foot in the door with their customers. We are excited about our new machine offerings and the impact they will have on the market allowing more people to use organic lawn care practices.
John Bentley
Earth & Turf Products LLC