Many times people ask me what is the difference between Compost and Mulch. In a booklet called “Carolina Composting and Resource Guide ” they have a good definition of each I hope will be helpful. Here is their definitions; Compost: recycled organic products in which the feedstock(s) has undergone biological degredation, a process characterized by elevated temperatures in the range of 120 degrees to 160 degrees F. The product no longer resembles the feedstock(s) from which it was produced. Examples; yard waste compost,biosolids compost,manure compost. Mulch: Recycled organic product derived from physical/mechanical processing of the feedstock(s) into a fairly uniform particle size. The product does not undergo significant biological decomposition, does not resemble soil in appearance, and typically still resembles the feedstocks from which it was derived. Examples; wood chips, pine bark mulch, chipped brush. For more information check out the Carolina Recycling Association web site,
Topressing requires a good quality compost so don’t confuse the two.