MultiSpread 220 Customer Testimonial

Here is a review from a customer who is using our MultiSpread 220 in a market garden application.

Granor Farm is a Certified Organic Farm in Three Oaks, MI growing vegetables, herbs, flowers & grains. Our farm is 27 acres total, with around 10 acres in Organic Certification and 5 acres in transition to organic. The soil is heavy clay, which holds on to moisture but can be difficult for certain crops to grow. This year we purchased the Earth & Turf Multi-spread 220 to help us add large amounts of compost to our fields in a short amount of time. The ground-driven 220 is pulled by our International Harvester Farmall A and we use the bucket on our John Deere 3520 to load. The modifications that we made to the 220 include purchasing the light material sides for ease of loading and removing the widespread beater in the back. This allows us to drop compost exactly where we want it (in the beds, not the paths!). The axle was also modified in production to accommodate our 30″ wide beds and we upgraded to traction lug tires (it gets muddy in our spring clay soils). The Multi-spread 220 works like a dream!

Katie Granor