We have had numerous people wondering how COVID-19 was going to affect businesses, but I can share what has happened with the lawn care industry and Earth & Turf in specific.

Stuck at home due to COVID-19 and wondering what to do?

If you are stuck at home right now due to the virus and you are getting “cabin fever” wondering what you can do check into topdressing your lawn.

Most of you are probably needing to get out and do something with your hands to keep your mind occupied, take a look at your lawn- does it need some help? If so, top dressing your lawn with compost or some topdressing material will be something you can do.

How to select the right top dresser for your yard.

To get started you first have to have a topdresser. If you have a small property, a smaller model will fit you well. Our smallest model is the TruFlow 24D and it is a push-type model. This model is designed with small yards and tight spaces in mind. The TruFlow 24D has a spread width of 22-inches.

The TruFlow 36D and 54D are larger models that require a garden tractor, ATV, zero-turn mower or compact tractor to tow them. If you have a large yard or want to do a lot of spreading one of these options might work better for you.

If you can’t decide which model will work best for you, fill out a contact form and out professional will get in touch with you quickly.

What we have noticed with the trend of topdressing your lawn.

Due to people being stuck at home and spending time in their yard, we’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of people that have started topdressing their yard. We have had the opportunity to speak to dozens of homeowners who have wanted to buy a small topdresser to spread topdressing their lawn.

We have something you should know.

The folks buying the topdressers have found out that topdressing alone is not the key, but the type of material used- based on their soil type- is important. Also, we’ve learned that it is a fun time in the midst of a bad time.

Topdressing is not only a way to be the “virus fever” but it is also the key to having a great lawn. The virus has not affected Earth & Turf in a negative way, and we’ve had fun helping everyone begin their adventures into caring for their lawns in new ways; specifically, topdressing.