Fall is here and most of the leaves are on the ground. Now is the time to considering using the leaves and yard waste by shredding them and composting them. It does require some work to compost yard waste but it will be worth it when you return the composted material to your lawn or garden to improve the soil. When we look at the condition of the United States right now it is easy to see we have been a wasteful nation. Now is the time to turn the corner and use these natural resources to gain value from them. It was reported in a recent article in the Meridian Star, a Midwestern paper, that approximately one third of the household waste comes from yards and kitchens and it is the type of material that can be composted.
By composting these wastes we can improve our soil and at the same time help protect our water supply. If we have a healthy soil full of these organic nutrients, beneficial microbes and insects the lawns will require less chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Better soil, cleaner water equals a healthier America.
Enjoy your Fall.